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Adeptus Titanicus: Loyalist Legio Preview – Here Comes The Imperial Titan Legions And Psi-Titans

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Apr 06

What’s in the upcoming book for Adeptus Titanicus? Enough Loyalist Legio to give those traitors something to quake-cannon at!

There’s a new Adeptus Titanicus book on the way and it’s jam-packed with goodies for the Loyalist Legio Players out there. If you were looking to up your game step-up your game get ready for a whole bunch of upgrades and new God-machines to stomp around the battlefield. Let’s take a look at the table of contents!

via Warhammer Community

“Talk about packed! The book, when coupled with the Adeptus Titanicus rulebook, contains everything you need to assemble and use a Loyalist battlegroup in your games. It starts with revised and updated rules for how to assemble your force, including where the new Warmaster Heavy Titan fits in.”

As you can see, it’s quite an impressive list of new stuff coming your way. First up we get an quick look at how to build your battlegroups. Then we get into the new Titan – the Warmaster Titan:

This Titan is already looking MASSIVE and is going pack more than a punch. Next up, we see every single maniple that can be taken by Loyalist Battlegroups – all 18 to be exact! That’s a handy rules reference right there. After that, we get into all the many loyalist Titan Legions and also all those fancy Knight Households, too! This is the first time we’re getting all this info into one spot which should be great for players and also lore-junkies out there.

16 of the Loyalist Legions listed which is a pretty big chunk. Some of them are pretty famous while others are less well known – but each one gets the same treatment with details on their background, rules, and more. For example, we get a look at Legio Metalica’s Legio Trait:


As part of the “and more” section, you also get a look at the full-color spreads of their legio so you know how to paint them up, too!


Not to be left out, we also get 12 Knight Households – each with a look at their Knightly Qualities, background, rules, illustrations and more. Check out the new Knightly Quality for House Terryn:

Ordo Sinister


Uh oh. Yes – you’re reading that correctly. This book also has rules for Psi-Titans:

These titans are getting a few pages dedicated to their rules and how to play with them in the game. It’s great to see them get added as part of the Loyal Legio book – everything will be nice and neat and in one place! Ya know, just in case you missed it the first time around.



Cue Psychic Maniacal Laughter



“This 176-page hardback book contains background information for loyalist Titan Legions and Knight Houses, revised rules for forming your battlegroups, and a huge number of sub-factions to draw your war machines from, including the mysterious Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans.”

Also up for pre-order will be the new Rulebook as a standalone product for the first time.

“Available on its own for the first time, the Adeptus Titanicus Rulebook is a 96-page hardback tome of essential lore and rules for battlegroup commanders, especially ideal for anybody who picked up a few miniatures to paint and now wants to deploy them on the tabletop.”

The new Loyalist Legios book goes up for pre-order this weekend!


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