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Age of Sigmar: Born Again – 3 High Elves That Deserve a Model

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Apr 11

Teclis likes to “reward” his friends with a new body but some are getting left out.

I’ve mentioned old heroes that I would like to return before, but with the updated Lumineth and the return of the god Slaanesh, it seems like a lot of the Aelven old souls are due a second look. Teclis, Sigmar, or even Malerion could snag some of the souls of their old allies and give them a shiny new form, much like Eltharion (who must be a little jealous of Warden Lyrior who fights with a spear and sword, rides a powerful mount, and hates orks because he lost his family…hmmmm). So here’s 3 High Elf heroes that need a little Age of Sigmar love.


The young White Lion captain and original buff Aelf deserves a chance to fight the new foes of his Aelven kin. He would make an awesome Alarith hero, or even an interesting Mountain Spirit, and he could usher in a new style of Aelven Warrior that fights with an axe. We got the Swordmasters back, so bring back my White Lions!

Alith Anar

Much like Malekith/Malerion, Alith Anar is an Aelven hero that I will NEVER shut up about. He was one of the coolest heroes of the original High Elf codex, holding the distinction of seducing and getting one over on the master manipulator herself, Morathi. With the new Hurakan Aelves, it would make sense to bring back the Shadow King, though he would probably have some competition for that name these days.



The Cities of Sigmar have an entire keyword devoted to the Phoenix Guard, so it would be awesome if they got their captain back. Caradryan had a really cool story, and the return of his unique Frost Phoenix would be very cool. Unfortunately, because the Guard already exist and we HAVEN’T seen or heard anything about the silent commander, it’s not likely that we’re going to see him. It would still be awesome though, and I will hold out hope until the Realms break again.

Any High Elves you miss?

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