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Age of Sigmar – Ghost Buffs

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Apr 18

Be’Lakor may have brought more than he bargained for to the Realms…

Broken Realms: Be’Lakor is up for preorder, and the Prince is pulling out all the stops. Chaos isn’t the only faction entering the fray, however, and several other powerful forces are seeing upgrades, like the Fyreslayers and Seraphon. But one of the biggest winners, and certainly the one I’m happiest to see, is the updated Nighthaunt. In addition to new warscrolls and a brand new hero, the spookers are getting two new “processions”, which function like subfactions for other races. So with all that awesomeness ahead, here’s a quick and dirty review of what’s coming for Olynder’s horde.

Dreadscythe Harridans

Perhaps trying to emulate Lady Dimitrescu, or maybe to make themselves more useful to their lady, the Dreadscythe’s have gotten a few buffs. Their Shriek can now hit up to Bravery 6 instead of 5, their weapons double hits rather than damage, and they can have one leader model for every 5 instead of just the one. All that combined, a relatively mediocre unit has become a potential unit blender, with a full unit of 20 potentially dishing out 128 hits after exploding 6s are taken into account. Now, that isn’t average, but you can still expect a pretty solid number of attacks, and that’s from just a single unit.

Krulghast Cruciator

The new hero is an incredible support piece, capable of making your nearby wraiths stronger whenever he hurts your enemy. If his ranged attack deals any damage in the shooting phase, then until the next shooting phase, all Nighthaunt wholly within 12″ ignore wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+ instead of a 6+, giving them a slight edge to stay in the fight. Said shooting attack is potent, so it’s likely to deal at least a little damage to your enemy. Keep him bunkered in a unit of Chainrasps, maybe with a Guardian of Souls nearby, and you’ll have a unit that never breaks.

The Sorrowmourn Choir


The new warscroll battalion available to the Nighthaunt is a collection of the ghostly ladies of Death, and is exactly what Lady O stans have been waiting for. It consists of the Lady herself, a unit of Harridans, and 2 units of Myrmourn Banshees. Lady O can shrug wounds onto the other gals around her, and if you bring the battalion, Lady O gets to count as an additional general, giving you access to her powerful command ability without robbing you of other command traits.

The Emerald Host

If you loved the moment in Return of the King when the ghostly cavalry swept across the Pelennor fields and decimated the forces of darkness, then this is the procession for you. It empowers your Hexwraiths on the turn they charge, withers the armor of an enemy hero, and gives you the ability to use your Knight of Shrouds’ command ability once without spending a command point. If you favor a fully mounted army, definitely give this a look.

Reiknor’s Condemned


On the other side of the coin, if you like hordes of Chainrasps and Glaivewraiths, give this procession a try. It boosts their hits while they’re close to Chainghasts or Spirit Torments, makes them easier to heal, and gives them a small movement boost in the form of a command ability. Also, if the candle master himself graces the battlefield, he becomes an additional general. If you favor horde warfare over speedy strikes, this one’s for you.

Will you be adding any of these to your army?

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