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Age of Sigmar: Predictions And Wishlisting For Warhammer Fest Online

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Apr 29

Next week we’ll see a bunch of new previews from Games Workshop so what are the big reveals going to be for Age of Sigmar? Let’s make some wild guesses!

Yesterday, we tackled the 40k side of things. Today we’re visiting the Mortal Realms to see if we can’t make some predictions and also toss in some wild wishlisting for what we hope to see next week for Warhammer Fest Online 2021.

We won’t have to wait long for the Age of Sigmar goodies to turn up either considering they are getting shown off on Monday. So what will we see and what do we HOPE to see? Let’s dive in.


This one had better be a part of the reveals! Why? Cause it was just a short teaser trailer and all we got was the name and this piece of art to go with. I’m hoping we get some more info on this mysterious figure and also we learn a bit more about the book itself. It’s going to be a part of the Broken Realms saga – but is this the final installment or just another stepping stone in the path to the ultimate goal? We need answers!

More Kurnothi

To go right along side Kragnos, it would be pretty awesome to seem more Kurnothi. Ever since they got a warband, we’ve been wanting to see more from these satyr/centaur folks. Are we about to see a Sylvaneth Army expansion or perhaps another new army? Either way we want more!

More Chaos


Slaanesh has been having a bit of a resurgence lately. There was the recent Hedonites of Slaanesh book that came with a TON of super cool mortal followers. And they have also had a new set of twin-daemons revealed, too. So we have questions about this kit: when can we get it and where will it’s rules be?

Follow-up to those questions: Will there be more? We sure hope so. Chaos is a major player in the Mortal Realms and Slaanesh just got freed. So we’re hoping to see more from Chaos in general.

Something For Destruction

I kinda feel for Destruction as a Grand Alliance. They are treated like an “also ran” army. They have some great models and even have some solid lore – but it seems like the real fight is always between Order vs Chaos vs Death. Destruction just kind of gets left to do it’s own thing. They could use another army in their Grand Alliance. I have no idea what it would be or how GW would fit them in – but Orruks, Gitz, Trolls, Ogors, and Gargants need some more friends. I’d also like to see them be a bit more active in the events of the Mortal Realms. Although the Orruks did start making some moves to get noticed


 Shadow Aelves



The Blueprint is there. Games Workshop already made them. Now we just need an army of them. C’mon GW – this one feels like a long time coming and now that all the Aelven Pantheon is getting all feisty, isn’t it time for Malerion to get in on the action and make his presence known?

Hey, if Be’lakor wants to be the Shadow Master, he’s got to face off with Malerion who’s the god of the Shadow Realm. Just tossing that out there. Plus, Teclis and the Lumineth have been showing off quite a bit. Isn’t there something about light and shadow being connected? Make it happen GW.

A New Edition?

The Soul Wars seem to have come to an end. Or at least a new Status Quo has been reached. Teclis put Nagash back in his place in the Realm of Death and seems to have done some work to counter the Necroquake. The damage is still there and ripples are still felt, but Teclis put a cork in Nagash – for now. Broken Realms seems like it’s setting up something big. The next chapter of Age of Sigmar feels like it’s around the corner. Plus we’re approaching summer…And you know how GW likes to launch stuff in the summer time.


What are you hoping to see next week for Age of Sigmar? Let us know in the comments!


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