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Anime: Five Reasons Sk8 The Infinity Is The Perfect Anime To Watch This Spring

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Apr 20

Sk8 the Infinity’s sub finished airing recently with the dub not far behind, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, it is the perfect spring time treat.

The Characters

Like most sports animes, Sk8 the Infinity is very character driven and has an almost entirely likeable cast. Enemies from earlier episodes become close friends and there’s only one real antagonist, who isn’t unlikeable as much as weird and creepy. Friendship is a central focus of the show, almost more so than the skateboarding, and I’m pretty sure that the entire show was made as an excuse to animate fun skateboarding tricks. Watching twenty minutes of buds being buds is just pleasant, and even the most serious and outlandish characters are relatable goofballs deep down who want to get out and enjoy their hobby.

It’s Short

Topping out at one twelve-episode season (so far?), Sk8 the Infinity isn’t a huge commitment. You can wind down with it knowing that there is an end in sight as opposed to a three hundred episode long epic. That said, I could easily watch twelve more episodes and be just as delighted as when I started.

The Dub Is Actually Good

I know, I know, there’s always going to be disagreement surrounding dubbed versus subbed anime. But hear me out, the Sk8 the Infinity dub is great. In translation some lines are changed just slightly to make more sense for English speaking skateboarders to say, vernacular is updated, and silly quips are given approximations that make more sense to English-fluent ears. Plus, if you subscribe to the “spring cleaning” tradition, it’s much easier to get chores done with a dubbed anime on in the background. At least, it’s always been easier for me to work on cosplays with dubs versus subs. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with the non-English dubs, but I legitimately hope they’re just as good because watching the dub has been just as much of a joy as the original Japanese.

The Closer Rings True To Skateboarding

Sk8 the Infinity has a fantastic opening song, but the closer is two minutes of animated bails and fails starring the main cast of the show. It’s a silly little thing that shows so much love for skateboarding in general and made me want to look up bail compilations online right away…. and there are a ton of them. Between the beachy song and the choppy animation, the closer is lighthearted and chill in a way that surpasses any other recent anime I can think of and puts me in that almost-summer state of mind right away.


We Need Something Light And Stupid

The best reason to watch Sk8 the Infinity? It’s unapologetically stupid and enjoyable and we can all use some stupid and enjoyable sometimes. Some shows are like nutritionally complete meals with lessons and heady concepts to think on while others are the mental equivalent of a candy bar, and Sk8 the Infinity is decidedly the latter. The weather is starting to get nice, the school year is almost over, and we all deserve to mentally check out and watch a goofy show about skateboarders defying gravity and becoming best friends.

Have you watched Sk8 the Infinity yet? Who is your favorite character? Have you ever skateboarded yourself or are you, like me, tragically coordination deficient? Let us know in the comments!

Ja Ne, Adventurers!

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