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Warhammer 40K: Now Is The Perfect Time To Finish Up That Hobby Project

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Apr 24

With Games Workshop putting a halt to new product for bit now is the perfect time to finish up that hobby project you’ve been putting off.

This past Sunday Games Workshop announced they were going to halt new pre-orders for the next “couple of weeks.” It’s a bummer for everyone as we always look forward to what cool stuff they’ve got coming out that week. The delay is understandable. There’s still a global pandemic, the Suez canal was clogged up and those economic impacts are rippling still, and there’s all that stuff going on with Brexit (which, whew…that’s a whole OTHER ball of wax). We know they have a bunch of cool kits slated for release at some point. Plus you know they are working on more and more codex releases as well. So it’s not like we’ll never see new stuff again. This is a just a pause in the action. And honestly, it’s the perfect time to finish whatever you’re working on.

You’re never truly done…

Think about it – we’ve collectively gotten a bit of a reprieve from getting tempted by whatever next cool new thing GW is putting out. I know I’m not the only player/hobbyist out there with a backlog of unopened boxes of miniatures to finish. “Oh I could use that” turned into “Oh I’ll get around to it” and then that turned in to “Oh but that new thing is out this weekend and I really need that in my list.” You know it’s true.

I still need to finish up that list I had with a few of these…Never did get those test games in.

Even if you (mercifully) don’t have a giant pile of plastic to complete there’s all those side projects you’ve got and want to finish. Got your display board ready? Got your paints organized? Hobby area cleaned? Bits box sorted? New army transport ordered and assembled? You get the idea. And look, I know it’s been a hard year for a lot of folks and I hope you’ve used your time well and gotten those projects knocked out. But for many of us, we lost all motivation to do those things when we couldn’t push plastic around the tabletop. But you know what? The end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer. Hopefully your motivation has returned and the excitement to play again is building. This next couple of weeks of no new releases/temptation from GW is exactly the right time to tackle all those hobby projects you’ve been putting off!


Not due out till May…that’s at least minimum two weeks of not showing up, right?

What if you’ve got every thing done? No side projects. No backlog of miniatures to build or paint. No lists to work up – you’re ready and waiting to go. Well good for you! Take this time to relax and enjoy the downtime before the storm starts back up. Because you know when the new releases start back up it’s going to like drinking from the fire hose once more.


What backlog of projects have you been ignoring and want to knock out while there’s a break in the action?

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