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Warhammer 40K: The ‘Bad Guys’ That Need To Step-up Their Game

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Apr 21

A Hero is only as interesting as their villain. That’s why we need these Bad Guys to step-up their game and become the threats that they SHOULD be.

Warhammer 40,000 has an incredible history and lore and is full of epic heroes fighting infamous villains. Stories of galaxy-wide threats that are kept at bay by the brave souls who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and put an end to their schemes. But it seems like ever since the Great Rift happened the Bad Guys have been resting on their laurels. Primaris Marines showed up and Guilliman kicked off his Crusade and suddenly all those galaxy-wide threats just sorta…stopped. Or maybe they were out of gas and just needed a break.

Well break time is over. It’s time for the these Bad Guys to come back and start causing trouble once more.


We have to kick this list off with the major player who kinda kicked off the current era of things: Abaddon. Are his Black Crusades 0-13 or 13-0? Depends on how you read his story arc I suppose. Regardless, his last crusade quite literally ripped the galaxy in half! That’s a pretty big win for Chaos and a massive blow to the Imperium. Sure, Guilliman came back and he’s been kicking butt, but what happened to Abaddon? Did he just decide to take a vacation after Cadia? Is he on a beach somewhere enjoying some warp-infused “me time” or what? Gathering Storm was a BIG deal. And regardless if you believe he was the mastermind behind it all or just one more pawn in the game, Abaddon is still in play. So…where are you Abaddon and what are you up to?

Asdrubael Vect

We quite literally just got a new Drukhari Codex and the man himself is still missing. Asdrubael Vect needs to make a comeback in some form or fashion.¬†For someone who’s finger prints are all over the place in the Aeldari story, Asdrubael Vect is mysteriously MIA. Sure, he ‘faked’ his death and eliminated his enemies in a pretty clever ploy. And it’s possible he’s got a new allegiance to Ynnead (because that’s a plot thread that is still looming after…how long?) but regardless, he is perhaps the most interesting figure that doesn’t have a model any more. Lore wise, he’s got a pretty vast information network and massive influence within the Drukhari. So what is he planning to do with all that? Who knows!? But we really want to find out!

Fulgrim, Daemon Primarch of Slaanesh

Have you seen what GW has been doing with the other Daemon Primarchs? Of course you have. So where the heck is Fulgrim and his sweet new kit!? We know that Fulgrim has been lurking in the shadows of the lore – he got named dropped in a a few of the new codexes already. Games Workshop just teased some NEW Greater Daemon-types for Slaanesh, too. Still no Fulgrim…


So where the heck is he?! Fans have been clamoring for a model. More Daemon Prince Primarchs seem like a good idea anyhow. We could also put Angron on here – but you get the idea. We want a new Daemon Prince Primarch and Fulgrim seems like a perfect fit. The seeds have been planted GW, so bring him on!

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Ghaz got a new kit. It’s great! He’s still making his WAAAGH!!! through Imperial Space and has some funky new Gork (or maybe Mork) infused powers. Sure he had some issues with a certain Space Wolf, but still – Ghaz is a BIG bad threat and he should be treated like one! We want him to up his game and get into the thick of the fighting. So C’mon GW, give us more Ghaz and have him kick everyone’s butt to prove Da Orkz iz Da Best!


Quick, what’s the last campaign you can think of where the Tyranids actually came out ahead? The Baal Campaign? Wait no – they mysteriously died when the Warp Rift tore open and Chaos Daemons saved the Blood Angels. The Ichar IV Campaign? Wait…nope, Hive Fleet Kraken was defeated there, too – there was some Aeldari intervention. Battle of Macragge? Well it was the first round and they did kinda of cripple the Ultramarines until the powers of plot kicked in and the Ultramarines came back in no time.

For a race that is supposed to be ever evolving and an apex predator, they sure do seem to fall for the same traps over and over again. Their warriors don’t seem to ever really improve that much nor do their tactics. “Throw more Biomass at it until it isn’t worth it then retreat” is a pretty terrible plan. Either the Hivemind is really dumb or these tendrils really are just probing attacks to test defenses. So which is it? Are Tyranids relegated to being the galaxy ending threat or everyone’s punching bag? Step it up Hivemind. Step. It. Up.



Which Big Bad Guys do you want to see more from? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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