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Age of Sigmar: 3 Vampiric Bloodlines That Rule & Should Return

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May 05

Tighten your scarves, Soulblight are coming! Let’s talk Bloodlines.

The Warhammer Fest has confirmed, the new Soulblight codex will be dropping by month’s end, and potentially in the next two weeks. Alongside the book are a massive batch of gorgeous new models, as well as the promise of the return of two bloodlines! While the two new bloodlines do look very cool, we can’t forget the bloodlines that started it all back in the day, so here are three of the OG Vampire bloodlines that I hope make it into the new book.


The Vampire Queen herself Neferata sired this bloodline of seductive vampires, so it stands to reason that we’ll see them make their triumphant return in the new book. A bloodline that puts their supernatural charisma and force of will over their martial prowess, this bloodline is one of the oldest out there, and also includes the previously mentioned Genevieve Dieudonne. Hopefully, the Lahmians will give some debuff ability, and perhaps field extra Coven Thrones (or take them as battleline).

Blood Dragons

With the brand new Blood Knight kit on the way, it would be a crime for GW not to give the offspring of Abhorash their just due. Considered some of the greatest fighters in the mortal world, the Blood Dragons surpassed their unnatural thirst by feasting on dragon’s blood (or so the legend goes), and their martial skill was beyond compare even among other vampires. I personally would love to see them get charge or attack buffs and bring even more power to the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon.


An often forgotten vampiric bloodline, the Necrarchs are nevertheless exceedingly powerful, and the greatest wielders of death magic amongst their blood-drinking kin. With all the new undead models like Skeletons and Zombies, I would love to see a return to the halcyon days of master necromancers raising unending hordes of zombies and empowering them to the equal of their more lively foes.

While Nagash would certainly suffer no rivals to his power, Arkhan may attempt to revive this lost bloodline to help bring his master back to full strength, even if it meant destroying them immediately after.

Which bloodlines were your favorites?


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