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Age of Sigmar: 5 Reasons We’re Excited About Kruleboyz

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May 31 2021
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The new Destruction army has been revealed from the Age of Sigmar Launch Box Dominion. The Kruleboyz are here and we’re excited to see what they bring to the table.

In case you missed the reveal on Saturday, here’s the big new – The new launch box for the next edition of Age of Sigmar is coming and it’s jam-packed with goodies. It’s got a new batch of Stormcast Eternals and they are squaring off against a brand new foe from Destruction: The Kruleboyz. We don’t want to diminish the awesomeness of the new Stormcasts, but it’s not every day a new army joins the game, either. So today, we’re focusing on the new Kruleboyz and why we’re excited about them.

More Cunning than Brutal


The Ironjaws have the market on Brutal over Cunning. So it’s nice to see a new batch of Greenskins who favor the Cunning side of the coin. Don’t misunderstand them, however – they are still quite brutal. They just know how to be a tad sneakier than their larger more aggressive kin.

They Bring More To The “Range”

The Destruction forces aren’t known for their shooting prowess – particularly Greenskins. Sure they do have the occasional unit that can provide a ranged threat, but these new Kruleboyz got TWO units in the big reveal so far. These are going to be two welcomed additions to the forces of Destruction as more and more shooting has been creeping into the game.

Also, these models are just fantastic looking. They look like a lot of fun!


Leaner Yet Meaner

Games Workshop has really phased out the old Orruk boyz. Currently, there are really only the Savage Orruks and the Ironjaws when it comes to Orruk in Destruction. Oh sure, you could point to the Ardboyz who are kind of a bridge between the old Orc Boyz and the new Orruk Ironjaws as well. But it’s hard to deny that these new Orruks look different. They have more subdued facial features and aren’t quite as cartoonishly muscular. At the same time, they do seem pretty, well, cruel-looking. They still have those jagged weapons and their shields are amazing and creepy.

These new Kruleboyz really are leaner yet meaner looking than their current Orruk counterparts and we like it.

Sigmarified Lord of the Rings Orcs and Goblins?

Maybe it’s just me, but these new Kruleboyz do remind me a lot of the LotR Orcs and Goblins that Games Workshop has made. Maybe it’s the proportions of the new Kruleboyz. Maybe it’s their leaner mass. It could even be their facial features. But they do look like they are closer to Azog than Gordrakk.


That’s not a bad thing! It’s just an observation and I’m personally excited about that difference. Why? Because it means we’re still getting Orruks, but they will be *different* Orruks. It’s a new army that looks different and hopefully plays different than the Ironjawz. Because if you want an army that looks and plays like Ironjawz…go play Ironjawz. They exist. These Kruleboys are new and *different* – and that’s something worth getting excited over.

Hobgrots Open Doors To New Possibilities

Aside from the excitement we have for everything ELSE in the range of Kruleboyz, the Hobgrots have us here at BoLS VERY interested. Why? Well, if you’re new you might not know about the old school connection that they are teasing.

Back in the Old World, many many editions ago, there was an army of Hobgoblins. These goblins were larger and crueler than their smaller goblin friends. They also had “Adopted Masters” that they worked for – the Chaos Dwarfs. Now, fast forward to now and the only traces of the Chaos Dwarf army in the game were from Forge World. They are called the Legion of Azgorth and they technically have a compendium which you can download still.

All that to say, Hobgrots are now a thing in AoS. Does that mean we’re going to see more from the creatures higher-up the chain? GW did tease that these particular Hobgrots got their weapons and armor from something else…and they do have a pretty unique look. Just tossing that out there…for now.

What are you excited about from the Kruleboyz? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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