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Age of Sigmar: Broken Realms Kragnos Overview

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May 29 2021

The final book in the Broken Realms Saga is out for Pre-order and we got our hands on it. Join us for a quick tour.

Broken Realms Kragnos is the final book in the Broken Realms Saga. We get to meet the End of Empires himself and we also get a bunch of updates to some power player like Kroak and Alarielle, and a whole slew of warscrolls and battalions, too.

Lore Updates

This being the final chapter of Broken Realms it sets up the next edition of the game. Things in the Mortal Realms are changing. Games Workshop already did a perfectly fine recap of the events of Broken Realms. We also focused on some of the lore bombs that were delivered in BR Kragnos before hand, too. All of this is covered in way more detail inside the book and we skim pretty quick in the video.

From a very high level, Kragnos breaks free from his mountain-prison. He goes on a rampage, gathers the forces of destruction together, gets in a head-butt fight with Gordrakk, Fist of Gork (they become ‘friends’), and then attacks Excelsis, a City of Sigmar in Ghur.

The city has been dealing with a skaven infestation and also a cult of slaanesh. Anyhow, (and again, skipping over a LOT), the forces of Order team-up and attempt to stop Kragnos. He is tricked to travel into a portal that he thinks is taking him to the realm of the dracoths (which he hates). But it’s a trick and he’s mad. The city is saved.

Oh and Morathi-Khaine helped save the city. “But didn’t she betray Sigmar and the forces of Order?” Well, according to her defense, “she can’t betray you because she was never loyal to Order, only herself, because she’s a god.” Case-dismissed. Or something… It’s about to go down when Grungni the Great Maker, duardin god, shows up and says, “…enough bickering, you lot. We’ve got work to do.


No seriously, that’s literally what he says and the lore section ends. Again, there was a LOT glossing over the events. Lord Kroak shows up, there’s more with the Slaanesh and Skaven (and Beastmen). It’s worth a read of you’re a lore junkie for sure. But now on to the rules highlights.

The Rules

This book has a TON of new rules for a wide array of armies. This book includes updates for:

  • Gloomspite Gitz
  • Sylvaneth
  • Hedonites of Slaanesh
  • Cities of Sigmar
  • Seraphon
  • Skaven
  • Beasts of Chaos
  • And the Warscroll of Kragnos

We’ll be talking about most of the major players this weekend as well, but if you’re playing any of the above listed armies, you’re going to want to get your hands on this book. Personally, I’m also hoping we get some new Battletomes in the future for all the armies that got updates from Broken Realms because some of this stuff is kind of spread out now.

Also included with all these warscroll updates are a bunch more Campaign rules. If you want to actually play the campaign/narrative, you can do that by following along and playing the custom Battleplans. There are a total of 6 Battleplans to use – and they mirror the story.

This book also includes a big points update, too. Yes, Kragnos is 760 points. Alarielle is now 740. Kroak is 430. The Warsong Revenant is 275 (but is probably worth it). Dexcessa and Synessa are 280 and 260 respectively. That makes them cheaper than a Keeper of Secrets individually. We’ll be talking about most of these in more detail later this weekend but for now, chew on those point confirmations.


Broken Realms Kragnos is clearly a setup for the next edition. That said, it’s worth a look regardless for the lore and also for the warscroll updates and new battalion options, too. It’s up for Pre-Order this weekend.

Broken Realms: Kragnos

As the tide of Death magic suffusing the realms recedes in the wake of Teclis’ retribution, Alarielle undertakes a grand ritual to seed the Mortal Realms with resurgent life energy. But with new growth comes the sundering of an ancient prison and the release of a forgotten deity – Kragnos, the End of Empires. Enraged by aeons of captivity, Kragnos’ rampage across Ghur leads to the metropolis of Excelsis. Already tainted by the attentions of Slaanesh’s servants, only unlikely alliances will save the city from its doom.

The Broken Realms saga concludes in the fourth and final chapter. As the city of Excelsis comes under attack from Gordrakk’s Waaagh! and Kragnos himself, it will take more than the return of a legendary Seraphon hero to turn the tide.

Inside this 136-page hardback book, you’ll find:

– The story of Alarielle’s Rite of Life, how it awoke a forgotten god, and the epic siege of Excelsis

– Warscrolls for a host of new gods and champions – including Kragnos, the twin aspects of Slaanesh’s Newborn, Warsong Revenants, and witch hunters Galen and Doralia ven Denst

– New rules for Gloomspite Gitz, including three suites of allegiance abilities, updated warscrolls, and more

– Even more rules content for Cities of Sigmar, Skaven, Beasts of Chaos, and Sylvaneth, designed to represent these forces in the story


– Updated warscrolls for Alarielle the Everqueen and the venerable Lord Kroak

– Six exciting battleplans that chronicle the rise of Kragnos, and rules to play them as a narrative campaign

– Realms of Battle and Streets of Death rules depicting the locations from the story


Destruction marches on…

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