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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Going For A Hike

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May 04

There is a brand new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop and this one looks like it’s ready for a long haul hike.

Or maybe it’s a camping trip. Anyhow, it’s Tuesday so the Rumor Engine is up and running. Even with Warhammer Fest 2021 going on, you can always count on the Rumor Engine to bring the teasers. So let’s get into this weeks latest glimpse from the future.

via Warhammer Community

“From the swirling mists of the future, the Rumour Engine is sending back another image of a model for your speculating pleasure. We honestly have no idea how it does it, or why, but we’re just as keen to ruminate on these as you are.”

So what are we looking at here? Well, it’s a pack of some kind. And it looks like it’s got some rope or cordage of some type. And also some other sort of metal device – more rope or perhaps an explosive? Could this be a satchel charge or something like that? Quite possibly. So climbing gear, or explosives, or maybe just a really fancy backpack. There is one thing to be sure of, it’s probably not from any of the Xenos Races of 40k.

This looks like it could be imperial. Or come from something along those lines. It could also be Imperial adjacent. Like Ad Mech or even Genestealer Cult goods.



On the Age of Sigmar side, this pack isn’t so high-tech that it couldn’t be a new model for them, either. There are some doodads that could be mistaken for lots of things from that image. This could be an explorer’s pack of some kind as well.

Don’t forget that there are some Witch Hunters out there with some crazy packs that aren’t dissimilar to this one, too.

And while those aren’t 1:1 replacements, the point is they are close enough to make us wonder. And that’s the fun of the good ol’Rumor Engine after all!

So this is where we turn it over to you, oh internet reader. What do you think this pack is from? Let us know in the comments!



It’s a Pack! Boom. Nailed it.

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