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MTG: Historic Anthology V Spoilers – Eight Blasts From Magic’s Past Now On Arena

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May 11 2021

The latest Historic Anthology set on Magic: the Gathering Arena have been bringing back classic cards like Ojutai’s Command, Stifle, and more!

Magic: the Gathering Arena is opening all sorts of doors for old cards to come back in new way–especially now that the app has launched on mobile as well as PC. Take the ever-expanding Historic format, which has been responsible for the Historic Anthology packs, now up to Historic Anthology V, which brings back some blasts from Magic: the Gathering’s past. Eight new cards have been spotted for the set, check ’em out below!

via Wizards of the Coast

First up, Ojutai’s Command. This does a little bit of everything and will surely wreck some shop in your Historic decks.

Trash for Treasure, originally hailing from Mirrodin, is back as well and with it, a host of expensive artifacts, ensconced away in your graveyard.

Ancient Grudge, for instance, is one way your artifacts might have been sent to the graveyard, and now you need to bring them back. Next we’ve got Ray of Revelation:


Because you’ll want to get rid of enchantments as well as artifacts sometimes. Next up, Vault Skirge:

The Skirge might not look like much, but enough of them will have you lirge and in chirge.

Stifle is going to be so delicious in this new format. It’s one of the few things to target activated or triggered abilities and it’s dirt cheap.


Of course, Intangible Virtue is here to help your token armies become unstoppable, while Dromoka’s Command will absolutely rule in your white/green, or white/red/green combo decks:

Time to make sure you’ve got enough fixing.

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