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Star Wars: ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode Three Easter Eggs

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May 17 2021

Crash landings, a reference back to Rogue One, and a possibly malfunctioning inhibitor chip are all in episode three of The Bad Batch.

Ordo Moon Dragon

In a move reminiscent to the Millennium Falcon hiding on the asteroid cave that turned out to be a space monster mouth in The Empire Strikes Back, the batch have a quick crash landing and repair trip on a foggy moon right out of a horror movie. They even wear similar masks to breath and head out to make repairs. However instead of mynocks they encounter an Ordo Moon Dragon which is attracted to and seems to consume the power let off by the ship and the replacement parts the clones are attempting to install. These creatures were named for Canderous Ordo, a Mandalorian Merc from the Knights of the Old Republic video games.



Project War Mantle

This episode delves into Project War Mantle, a simple enough Imperial project whose goal was to fill the ranks of the newly formed Imperial Army with conscripted soldiers instead of cloned troopers. War Mantle was part of Admiral Rampart’s plan for The Empire, and we first see him via holo-video in episode two explaining the importance of also newly introduced chain codes and it seems that he and Tarkin have a plan for every little part of the transition no matter how minute the detail. Project War Mantle was first mentioned all the way back in 2016 in Rogue One and then again in the film’s novelization when Jyn Erso scrolled through a list of various imperial projects. and wondered how many of these were also weapons of mass destruction like Project Stardust.


Conscripted Storm Troopers

Episode Three finally moves a little further into Tarkin and Rampart’s vision for the new Empire with the introduction of honest to goodness conscripted Stormtroopers. This elite squad looks like they could be a precursor to the Death Troopers we see a few years later in Rogue One but without any of the classified surgical enhancements Death Troopers are subject to and with the one major imperial inconvenience of asking questions. We’re also introduced to characters who are, for the most part, very normal and relatable. One of them joined for the promise of meals and a roof; the promise of a slightly better life. This is reminiscent of characters like Ciena Ree and Rae Sloane whose reasons for joining are sound and understandable even if their actions as members of the Imperial Navy are harder to justify.



Is Wrecker’s Inhibiter Chip Okay?

During the aforementioned crash landing Wrecker may or may not have hit his head a little too hard, and while he is likely no stranger to concussions, it seems to have stuck with him throughout the episode in the form of head pain and constantly touching his right (our left) temple. You know, where the inhibiter chip lives. Tech also spends a small portion of this episode trying to make a device to test exactly how damaged each of their inhibitor chips is, but he never has a chance to finish it. All of this could be alluding to the Bad Batch’s chips coming on line late or with strange side effects and possibly leading to another heartbreaking betrayal or two or emergency chip removals.

What Easter Eggs and details did you notice in episode three of The Bad Batch? What do you think the next stop is for Clone Force 99? What or who do you want to see make a cameo in the rest of the series? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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