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Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy Reboot Rumors Still Going Strong

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May 28 2021

Let’s talk about more crazy Star Wars Rumors, all about the love it or hate it Sequal Trilogy.

While Star Wars remains a popular franchise and a big deal, the Sequel Trilogy seems to stand apart from the rest. This group of movies has proved very divisive among the fan base. In particular the Rise of Skywalker was…. let’s just say it was generally poorly received. Last year a host of rather crazy rumors started cropping up. These said that somehow the whole trilogy would be retconned or redone… or something. Overall these rumors were kind of crazy, and we don’t really buy into them. However a year later and they still won’t go away, so let’s see what people are reporting now.

Disney+ Reboots

Starting earlier this year the newest iteration of this rumor started to make the rounds. Again this rumor was started by YouTube channel Overlord DVD, the same people responsible for some of the last round of rumors.  Others have since picked up the rumors. In short, they say the sequels are going to be done, but not as movies. Instead they will get reworked as three one season mini-series of Disney+. Rather than totally scrapping the movies and starting from scratch it seems, according to this rumor, Disney will recut them, using unused footage for the movies and filming new scenes, in order it seems to keep some of the basic structure, but “fix” the trilogy.

Returning Faces

According the Overlord and other rumor mongers there would be a few faces returning to work on the project and film new scenes. Supposedly Mark Hamill has expressed interest or plans on coming back to refilm Luke scenes and give him a “proper ending”. To make up for a more Luke focused trilogy, Leia would die during the Last Jedi when her flagship is hit, rather than using the force to survive. Other rumors say Lucas himself is returning to direct the new mini-series.

Snyder Cut Paving The Way?

In the past, something like this would seem a pretty ridiculous claim. However, the recent success of the Snyder cut maybe makes it a little more plausible. DC was able to take a movie that was widely panned and disliked by fans, and with a combination of recuts and filming new scenes, make a new, longer, movie out of the old one. One that most people seem to agree was better than the original (if still not great). So I guess it’s not impossible that Disney would look at that example and see that doing something similar is at least possible. Especially when you’ve got unhappy fans and even the director of the movie is saying it could have gone better.

It Remains Unlikely

Even with the success of the Snyder cut I just don’t see this, or any of the other retcon/reboot/making non-canon, rumors coming true. I think some sort of Snyder cut version is more likely than a weird Veil of the Force/alternate timelines retcon, but that doesn’t mean I think it will happen. I’m sure they could get Hamill to come back, he seems to genuinely like being Luke, but I can’t for a moment see them bringing Lucas in, or him wanting to do recuts on someone else’s movie that trashed all his plans for a sequel. It should also be noted of course than Disney and Lucasfilm have said nothing that would even hint at this, and it our main source is a single unreliable rumor monger.

Overall it’s clear that the persistence of these rumors has less to do with what’s happening at Lucasfilm and more to do with continued fan disappointment in the sequels.

Let us know what you think of these rumors, down in the comments!


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