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Star Wars: The Workhorse of the Clone Army – The LAAT Breakdown

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May 23 2021

The Low Altitude Assault Transport is one of the iconic transports of the Clone Wars. Today we break down the heavily armed LAAT.

When it comes to the battlefields of the Clone Wars, few ships did as much work for the Clone Armies as the Low Altitude Assault Transport. These heavily armed and armored gunships were seen across the Galaxy during the Clone Wars, carrying Clone Troopers into action even in the most hostile landing zones. But where do these workhorse transports and gunships come from? Let’s take a look.

Star Wars LAAT

The LAAT Design

Designed by Rothana Heavy Engineering, the Low Altitude Assault Transport was designed meticulously. It’s a craft singularly suited towards rapid deployment of personnel and firepower. This offshoot of Kuat Drive Yards was determined to create what they thought to be the perfect craft. And it’s not hard to see what they were striving for with the LAAT.

The LAAT is highly maneuverable, thanks to its repulsorlift turbines. Meanwhile, the angled design is meant to counteract some of the more heavy anti-aircraft firepower common to the CIS forces. This enables it to safely carry a deployment of up to 30 Clone Troopers per LAAT into combat. It could hold up to four speeder bikes as well.

Her Weaponry

But the LAAT is more than just a dropship. The LAAT sports some of the finest weaponry in the Republic armies. That includes two ion repeaters capable of slicing through even the heaviest armor.

Star Wars LAAT

These ships were built with Clone troopers and pilots in mind. The gunship features two distinct cockpits for pilot and gunner, gunner seats, and turrets on the sides. A single LAAT was capable of taking on a battalion of Battledroids. And with the finest Clone Pilots backing them up, these craft would prove to be the workhorse of the Clone Armies.

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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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