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The D&D Movie Synopsis Reveals Forgotten Realms As The Setting – UPDATED

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May 24 2021

The Dungeons & Dragons movie has been unearthed, thanks copyright law, and for the first time, D&D is using their world instead of ‘generic fantasy.’

Late last week the details of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie synopsis came to light, thanks to registry for copyright. As a part of the process of making sure that Asylum pictures has to work at least a little we get a glimpse of what lies in store for the D&D movie, slated for release in 2023.

The movie, which boasts a cast of stars including Chris Pine, Chloe Coleman, Justice Smith, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rege-Jean Page, seems to defy expectations, including the one move that no D&D movie to date has done–it features one of the more iconic worlds of Dungeons & Dragons instead of a world that could be, charitably, described as generically not-Tolkien.


Which is a huge move for the directing team consisting of Jonathans Goldstein and Francis-Daley, who have seriously reworked the original script and have delivered this instead:

An ex-Harper turned thief escapes from prison with his partner, a female barbarian, and reunites with a no-talent wizard and a druid new to their team in an effort to rob the cheating conman who stole all their loot from the heist that landed them behind bars, and used it to install himself as the Lord of Neverwinter. Only the traitor is allied with a powerful Red Wizard who has something far more sinister in store. Being directed by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley, and starring Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez.

This is a far cry from “The Kingdom of Izmer uses the Rod of Savrille to control Red Dragons:


And it’s worth pointing out because things like the Harpers and Neverwinter are much more a part of what folks consider to be D&D than monsters like Dragons or Dwarves or Jeremy Irons. This is absolutely something that feels like it draws on the existing lore, but without necessarily relying on it–which is kind of a specialty of these two Johns.

According to new reports the Synopsis isn’t real so the plot details are still up in the air for anyone–however, as of 5/25 the setting still has been confirmed to be the Forgotten Realms.

Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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