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Warhammer 40K: New Necron & Sororitas Action Figures Pics Spotted

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May 03

There’s a pair of new Necron and Sisters of Battle Action Figures from McFarlane Toys headed our way. Take a look.

McFarlane Toys has been steadily expanding their budget-minded range of 7″ Warhammer 40K action figures. We have picked up a few for the office and they are a great value for the cost, and alternative to the higher-end Bandai figures. Here’s the list of the officially announced and released ones from Mcfarlane’s website:

I think it’s clear that they went with the 9th Edition kickoff theme of Marines vs Necrons with some Sororitas thrown in for good measure. But this weekend we have seen the line expand by 3 with more Necrons and Sisters. Take a look at these images from Shock & Awe Toy Reviews (Facebook page).

Adepta Sororitas – Battle Sister – Order of the Bloody Rose

Here we get out with the previous edition’s black armor and in with the red. I don’t see any differences on the figure itself, so this appears to be a repaint.

Necron Flayed One – Artist Proof


Now we are getting something new. the Flayed One is something quite different from the default Necron Warrior. This Artist’s proof is not only unpainted but is different from the painted one below. These Artist Proofs were rarer, so if you are down for one, look sharp on your favorite specialty toy retailer.

Necron Flayed One

Here is the default painted Flayed One. I can see why they went with the flayed one as it is a quite distinctive look compared to the many “robot holding gun” units the codex is filled with. Still, this one gets me excited for the future.

There are just so many places McFarlane can go. From a Cadian Guardsman, to a CSM, to an Ork Boy, to a Genestealer, to a Dire Avenger – I’m going to have to buy a bigger desk one of these days.

There is no word on schedule for these, or whether they are mass release, or limited releases for specific retail stores – which McFarlane commonly does. We will have to wait and see.


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