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Warhammer Underworlds: Kainan’s Reapers – Cards And Rules Out Now

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May 17 2021

Games Workshop has dropped the full card set for Kainan’s Reapers with a closer look at their warband and deck – come see!

The first Ossiarch Bonereapers Warband is coming to Warhammer Underworlds and that means a ton of new cards are being released along with their models. Today, we’re going to focus on their warband cards sepcifically. However, if you want to see all the cards in their deck, they are now available at the link below.

via Warhammer Community

Mir Kainan

Mir Kainan is the leader of this warband. He’s also a wizard. And he’s one tough fighter! He can pretty much do it all – but don’t think for a second that he’ll be doing it alone. Sure, he’s going to be able to hit like a bus full of bricks especially if you trigger his Invigorated ability. Kainan is the backbone of this warband – but don’t underestimate the rest of them either.

Binar Khenta


Binar Khenta is mostly there to help keep track of the Bone Tithe. That doesn’t make him a slouch! He might not look fast, but he’s got some reach and a decent attack stat, too. The Bone Tithe rules are also on this card and they are basically your trigger for inspiring the Warband. If you have 3 or more tithe counters after the power step this entire warband gets to flip to inspired.


The Morteks

We got a look at how the Morteks are going to function already. Essentially, they are going to get to chain their moves and work even better at supporting each other. Now we’re getting a better look at their cards.

The Morteks aren’t the toughest batch of fighters around. However, they are some of the best at supporting each other’s attacks. If they get to the enemy as a unit and can attack in unison, their Nadirite weapons will drag their enemies down.

Hakor’s card has the rules for the Mortek Advance (which is how they can chain those move actions). He doesn’t have Nadirite for his weapon, but he does have cleave!

Senha is about as barebones (ha) as you can get for the Morteks. That said, finding a way to get Senha into a support position is almost more important for this warband anyway.



For me, Nohem is perhaps the most interesting of the Morteks. Sure, you can do some fun stuff with the supporting attacks at range thanks to his, well, range 3. But what makes this model the most interesting is that his is a Mortek with a bow. We’re going to get rules for this entire warband in Age of Sigmar. My hope is that we’re about to get a unit of Mortek Archers who also have bows. Will it happen? Probably not anytime soon – but you never know what GW has up their sleeves!

The Cards

As far as decks of cards go, you can expect a ton of new options from this warband’s set. Again, we’re not going to cover every single card. However, if you want to look at them all, you can do that HERE.

That’s said, here is a stack of them to get your interest:

Kainan’s Reapers will be available for Pre-Order this Sunday.

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