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Age of Sigmar: Kruleboyz Killaboss On Great Gnashtoof Rules Preview

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Jun 10 2021

Games Workshop is previewing some of the rules from the Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof and it’s looking like one mean option on the tabletop!

Earlier, we got a look at the Kruleboyz Killaboss on foot. Today, we’re getting to compare a bit more of their rules vs their mounted version. It’s certainly a jump up in speed and wounds – but how about the lethality? Let’s find out…

via Warhammer Community

“Many kinds of Gnashtoof exist in the swamps of Ghur, with most being the size of a common hound (albeit significantly more aggressive). The expert monster-wranglers of the Beast-breakaz, however, seek out the biggest and surliest Gnashtoofs to become mounts for their leaders, who must endure a punishing rodeo before the beast even begins to bend to their will.”

The Stats

10 wounds, 10″move, 7 bravery and a 3+ save. Those are pretty solid stats for a leader like this. That 3+ save is also going to be perfect for things like All-Out Defence if you need it. And don’t forget all the other tricks the Kruleboyz can pull when it comes to manipulating getting hit. But what about his wargear?

We’re getting a look at two weapon profile for the Killaboss today. His Jagged Boss-Stikka has 4 attacks and is a 3+/3+ with -1 Rend and 2 damage. That’s a good statline considering their army wide rule. Plus, 2 damage per stab that goes through is a potential 8 damage. And then there are the mount attacks which are actually better. Same stats except for the Rend of -2. Yeah, that Beast is going to maul folks! And that’s before we get into the additional rules:


The Savage Hound rule adds 1+ to hit when this unit charges which is what you are going to want to do! This makes for one consistent hitter in the combat phase. That said, he’s probably not going to take out a unit on his own so you’re going to want to send him in with friends. Thankfully, he’s got a plan that will help his boyz stick around, too.

We saw this ability on the other Killaboss model and it’s the same rule here. So either version will be able to keep the boyz in line and that’s a good thing.

The Comparison

Again, it’s more movement, more wounds and a better save vs the on foot version. Based on the total weapon attacks, the mounted version also has more total damage potential. It also depends on which option you go with vs the skareshield or Rusting Flail. We’ll have to wait to see the points to determine which option is going to fit better. Personally, I think that you could probably build around both – and with the launch box, you’re probably going to need both in your army (at least to start).


Get ready for the next edition – it’s coming very soon from Games Workshop!

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