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Age of Sigmar: New Endless Spell Mechanics And Prayers To Smite Your Foes

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Jun 7 2021

Magic is getting more…Magical in the new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. How? Let’s take quick look at the new magic of 3.0!

Age of Sigmar has always had it’s own spin on Magic. Then things got crazy with the Malign Portents and Endless Spells (and the Predatory versions) got introduced. Now, Magic is once again getting a boost with the next edition. So what’s changing? Today we’re going to find out.

via Warhammer Community

Predatory Endless Spells

“All mobile endless spells are now moved at the end of each and every hero phase. That’s twice as often as before, which means they’re twice as lethal. “

That’s going to be a pretty big boost for these potent predatory magical constructs. This is also going to make your spell slingers even more valuable on the tabletop now. On top of that, there is an new element of control for these new types of Predatory Endless Spells to deal with:

Here’s the other fun fact:

“Players alternate picking wild spells to move, so if you have too many spells to control there’s a chance your opponent will use one of them against you.”


So if you want to keep your Endless Spells from literally biting you back you’re going to want to stay in range of at least 1 of your wizards. To be fair, 30″ is a pretty big bubble and this can make those spells a much deadlier and more controlled destructive option. It’s going to be interesting to see what strategies folks come up with to maximize them.


On the other end of the magical spectrum are the Prayers and Invocations that priests can use. While they are similar to Endless Spells, they are only summoned by Priests and in cases in which they can move, they are essentially unchanged.

There is one big change for them in the new edition and that is there is some counter-play to them now. If you also have Priests, you can attempt to banish them:



When you combine this with the new Heroes and Herioc Actions, this makes your Priests valuable counter-spellers/prayers in your army:


Oh and that’s not all, your Priests also have a couple of new prayers to toss out, too:

If you’re facing off against enemy Priests, you can always attempt to Smite them. And if there aren’t any, you can always toss out a 6+ ward save to your allies – Priests are super useful!

All of these changes and more are coming in the new edition – are you prepared?!



Time to dig up some Priests for my armies…

Author: Adam Harrison
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