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Age of Sigmar: The Design Teams Talks Dominion Models

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Jun 4 2021
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Games Workshop has released a new video talking about the design of the Models in the Dominion box and how they reached back into their 40 year history.

We’ve been pretty impressed with the new models from the Dominion box so far. And now Games Workshop is talking with the design team about the models and their inspirations specfically.

The Kruleboyz


“Where their larger kin represent the raw brutality of the Gork half of the Orruk’s twin-headed god, Gorkamorka, the Kruleboyz reflect the vicious inventiveness of Mork.”

The Kruleboyz do look leaner than their Ironjaw or Bonesplitterz cousins. Their lower jaws aren’t quite as brutal and their teeth (in general) appear more subdued. They still have a similar bone structure in the sense that their torsos are elongated as well as their arms, but their legs are short. Comparisons to their faces have been made to the LoRT Orcs, too.

In some ways, they look more realistic and less cartoony that previous incarnations of Orruks/Orcs/Orks in the Warhammer Universe. In fact, if you removed the shields, they would almost look out of place. Almost.

And speaking of those shields, they were called out by GW as being call backs to the classic John Blanche artwork. If you’re familiar with the previous editions, then you know exactly what they are talking about.


There is also the reintroduction of the Hobgrots. I wrote about this earlier this week and how they are a connection to the old school Hobogoblins. That, of course, has some implications.

The New Sleeker Stormcasts

“Sigmar’s champions continue to evolve to meet the changing battlefields of the Mortal Realms. They bear all the hallmarks of the Stormcast Eternals you know and love, but they look a bit different – and for good reason. This new breed of warrior wields blessed weapons and dons ingenious Thunderstrike armour.”

The new Stormcasts are still well armored. They still have a lot of the same motifs as their predecessors. The big differences now, however, is that they look sleeker and more “realistic” as well. Maybe that’s not the right word for it, as they seem to be thinner than older iterations, too. Lore wise, this new armor is designed to allow the Stormcasts to “pierce the veil of corrupt Chaos energy that now swirls above the realms” so when they fall they can make the return trip back to Azyr.


Not all Stormcasts are looking slimmer and sleeker…

One other interesting side note to that lore change is that the Stormcasts are spending more time “on the ground” with the rest of the Mortals. Will this mean a return to their humanity? Perhaps…

In any case, GW said about their armor:

“Their armour is slender and ergonomic compared to the more classic style, as befits longer deployments and campaigns without returning to Azyr. Without the Thunderstrike armour, Stormcast Eternals would be losing a battle of attrition as their numbers slowly dwindle.”

Personally, I like the toned down look vs the “over the top” bulky armor of the previous Stormcasts. This new look gives this a bit more texture to play around with as well and makes for a more visually interesting model.

That said, overall, the models it the Dominion Box do have a touch more “realism” to them. Don’t get me wrong, these are still fantastical creatures and they still have that going for them. I just  wonder if GW is looking to take more of the range in a more “realistic” direction in the future or if these redesigns were just a coincidence and a one-time thing.


What do you think of the new models in the Dominion Box? Do you like this step towards “realism” or do you prefer the other designs?


Author: Adam Harrison
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