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D&D Accessories: Taverns And Other Places To Plot

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Jun 1 2021

This week we’re visiting the local tavern, the best place to relax, spend your gold, and then pick up a new job so you can get more gold again.

In D&D, and just about any fantasy roleplaying game, the tavern is somewhere to get a new job, rent a room for the night, or just unwind and spend your gold. They’re a core part of every town your party will visit, so why not make them a core part of your physical gameplay experience, too? As always, links to shops are in the titles.

Stackable Port Winterdale Tavern

This miniature tavern is a double threat, making for a gorgeous set piece on the outside, and then unstacking into three pieces and two floors (plus the roof), giving adventurers the opportunity to experience the building inside and out. Are there monsters inside? Is half of the party going to sleep upstairs while the rest sing drinking songs downstairs with the locals? You tell me! And Use this incredibly detailed miniature building so the party knows where all of the action is happening.



Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

If you’re not sure where to start your next campaign or even your group’s next adventure, Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks has you covered. At first glance I thought this may be a recipe book for D&D inspired food and drink, but in reality, it’s eighty-eight pages of ready-made taverns, story hooks, NPCs, rumors, random generation tables, and helpful hints for how to create a tavern space of your own. No matter what game you’re playing, or what kind of story you’re telling, there is something helpful in Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks to take your tavern and the people therein to the next level.


Mini Modular Bar

Of course, if you’re designing an entire tavern and have the physical building to play in, you’re going to need the bar for your players to saunter up to. Including bar backs, barrels, barrel stands, wine bottles, wine racks, cups, bar stools, and the bar, you likely won’t find a more complete or more immersive set of tavern minis anywhere. The bartender isn’t included, but with a set this nice I’m sure you won’t have a hard time hiring one from your collection of retired adventurer minis.



The Tavern Rules

To turn your gaming room into the adventure plotting tavern of your dreams, you’ll need a few styled mugs, maybe a few bottles of mead, and definitely a canvas print of the tavern rules so your players and patrons know that drinking and casting are strictly forbidden. In-game, this serves no purpose, of course, but in your life it will make your room a little more fun and definitely start a conversation or two. Chose from printer paper sized up to 48″ x 32″ poster depending on the size of your room and how big your friends need the rules spelled out for them.


The Yawning Portal

A few months ago WizKids added to their line of miniatures and game tiles with the gorgeous and infamous Yawning Portal. Nestled in Waterdeep, this inn and tavern is famous for the giant hole in its floor that leads to the ancient ruins below the city. Are your players brave enough to ride the bucket down into the ground and see what lurks there? Well after you bring home the actual Yawning Portal, they had better be!


What’s your favorite D&D tavern? Do you have any bar or inn-specific minis? Will any of my picks make it onto your wish list? Let us know in the comments!


Happy Adventuring!

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