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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K – How I Would Play Sisters

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Jun 17 2021
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Goatboy here and I have had a week or so to think about a Sisters of Battle army – take a look at my creation.

I like to ruminate for a little while with a codex, and talk it over online with my buddies before wading into army construction. But it’s time. I actually like how this new army is set up and while I don’t think I will buy one this is most likely how I would play it.  This particular list borders on the realm of just using models I like but I think it has some merit to it and will work.  I am just happy it seems the army is a bit simpler in some aspects and not nearly as complicated as Ad Mech (yikes!).  Plus – it is all plastic, all the models are great, and overall it is not insane to paint when you have to get to that phase.  With that talk out of the way – let’s get building some Sororitas!

Goatboy’s Sisters of Battle Army – V.1

-Supreme Command- 0CP
Morvenn Vahl – Warlord – 265pts

Battalion – – 3CP
Order of the Argent Shroud

Canoness – Powersword, Bolt Pistol, Rod of Office – 60pts
Palatine – 45pts

Dogmata – Hymm – Catechism of Repugnance, Litany of Enduring Faith, Warlord Trait – Indomitable Belief (-1CP), Relic – Sigil of Ecclesiasticus – 65pts
Paragon Warsuits X 3 – Warblades X 3, Heavy Bolters X 3, Storm Bolters X 240pts
Paragon Warsuits X 3 – Warblades X 3, Heavy Bolters X 3, Storm Bolters X 240pts
Paragon Warsuits X 3 – Warblades X 3, Heavy Bolters X 3, Storm Bolters X 240pts


Battle Sisters Squad X 20 – Simularum Imperialis, Multi-Melta X 2, Meltagun X 2, Combi-Melta – 295pts
Battle Sisters Squad X 5 – 55pts
Battle Sisters Squad X 5 – 55pts

Dominon Squad X 5 – Artificer-Crafted Storm Bolter X 4 – 80pts
Seraphim Squad X 5 – Ministorum Hand Flamers X 10 – 120pts

-Heavy Support-
Retributor Squad X 5 – Multi-Melta X 4 – 140pts

-Dedicated Transport-
Rhino – 80pts

PTS: 1980 CP: +8


Holy Tactics

This is a pretty simple army to steer with a brick of Sisters in the middle, suits to hit the flanks as needed, and a lot of bullets.  The Rhino can move up, drop off some mortal wound dealing storm bolters, and then some lovely Multi-Meltas.  I went with Argent Shroud as I should be able to shoot well all the time and have single reroll to help cover things as needed.

The best character we have seen sits in the middle, moves up, and punches things for the Emperor.  I really wanted to try and fit in the Hand Flamer Seraphim squad as I think it can easily come down and deal with those units that are holding back objectives – bar some terrible stuff like Blade Guards and other mean options.  It isn’t a crazy list and feels kind of like a battleforce beyond the 3 sets of Suits.

For the Emperor!

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