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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K – Let’s Talk Code of Conduct

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Jun 30 2021

Goatboy here to talk all about 40K’s newest Code of Conduct for the competetive scene. Sometimes tough love is the best.

The newest ITC Code of Conduct came out and there is a lot of chatter about the Yellow Card system, losing points, and just the overall thought of having some consequences to what would be considered poor play.  It is an interesting read and while I think people are making a lot of ruckus about some simple things I am sure there will be times you might be skating the edge of an issue.

Code of Conduct Big Picture

I think the big thing this code of conduct does is that it tries to cover the basics of the little cheats.  I say this as we all know and have played those players that just skate the edge.  Things like abusing permissions or moving pushing parts of the game too fast to keep abreast of everything.  I know I have done that too as I am a very fast player.  It can be frustrating – on both sides – so with this update I think we all need to step back and think a bit before we try to push our game agenda.  It is also why I tell people – don’t play the complicated army that might be the best if you can’t actually play the army.

Yellow Carded!

I agree with the new Yellow Card system as while getting 3 Yellow Cards kicked you out of the event – getting 1 or 2 didn’t seem to cause nearly as much of an issue as it probably should.  A yellow card is and should always be considered a penalty.  Losing points in the game is important as that is how you win and if you are pushing that envelope of winning too much you should get punished for this.  It is pretty simple and most likely will help curtail some of the “angle” players we have out there.

Owning Up To Your Mistakes

Of course, the question comes in of what happens when a mistake is made and discovered after the fact or after the game.  I am always of the belief that any major mistake in the game you do or have done to you – should be worked out.  If I did it I would just give up the game win, resolve the problem in the army/usage/etc, and continue on or drop out if I can’t really get things to work.  I always found it weird when it comes out later that an army list issue was found and the player doesn’t just drop.  It is the simplest thing to do, protects you, and protects the event from further scrutiny.

I know how hard it is to throw an event and having anything that could harm the reputation means a lot of investment gets lost.  How many events have come and gone and the owner is left with plastic tubs of terrain?  Or extra mats they won’t need and aren’t even the right size anymore?  It’s a very small thing for the player to be like – I screwed up so let’s make sure you are not screwed by my mistake.

Winning is Fleeting, Being an Ass is Forever

The competitive player’s game is about winning but the question really becomes at what cost is the win worth it?  I have already read/watched a few things of issues from before the pandemic and how it gets pulled and screwed up years later.  This is especially disheartening with the events coming back and players getting a chance to see a friend or two they haven’t seen in over a year.  Sure winning at 40k is cool but it isn’t going to matter much if you are always known as a turd and people should watch whatever you do on the tabletop.

I think the basic rule should be:  “Come to the tabletop, Know your rules, Don’t be a jerk.”  

It isn’t hard to just make sure the game is fun even in a world of bad dice, broken models, and a grey plastic apocalypse.


It’s supposed to fun – remember?

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