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Star Wars: Five Awesome Plot Points The Sequel Trilogy Abandoned

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Jun 18 2021

Let’s take a look at some great ideas the Star Wars Sequels had – then dropped.

The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy is a bit of a divisive topic among the fandom. Some people love them to death, others hate them. Some people like only some of the movies (normally the Last Jedi or the other two), others all. Even those who hate the movies admit they had some good ideas in them. And yet it’s amazing to see just how many of these good ideas and plot points were brought up, and then abandoned halfway through with no payoff or thought. Let’s take a look at five awesome ideas or plot points that got dropped.

Rey’s Parents Are Nobody

One of the bigger twists in the Last Jedi (or subversions) was that Rey’s parents, who fans had spent years guessing the identity of, were just random nobodies. It was one of the better ideas/subversions to come out of the Last Jedi. The idea that anyone could be a powerful Jedi is compelling, and not tying her, or all the new generation, to the same handful of families helped make the galaxy feel bigger. It made perfect sense that she would literally be the new blood brought in. But then Rise of Skywalker happened and nope, turn’s out that was a lie, and her parents are someone. A sad change to a great idea.

Finn X Poe

This one wasn’t quite an official plot point, but it still made a lot of people sad. Fan’s noticed a lot of chemistry between the characters of Finn and Poe, and many people hoped for/ theorized a relationship between the two of them. The actors were even on board with this idea, playing it up in their performances and reportedly even suggesting such a thing to the powers that be. However the idea was squashed, Star Wars, according to the people behind the scenes just wasn’t ready for high profile queer leads. Not only did they chose not to go in this direction, but both characters were given half-baked hints at straight romantic pairings, as if to totally quash the idea.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

By the end of the Last Jedi, with Snoke dead, Kylo Ren has taken charge of the First Order and made himself Supreme Leader. This set a very interesting plot where we would get to see Ren no longer as a sidekick or apprentice, but in control. Unfettered, he could lead the First Order and see who he could really become. We could maybe have seen just how self-destructive his unhinged rage could be. But no, right at the start of the Rise of Skywalker Ren is put back into his place as a lackey to the returned Palpatine and we never really get to see him in charge. This was no doubt due to a difference in opinion between the directors but it’s still sad.

How Maz Got Luke’s Saber/ Rey’s Vision

While some of the dropped threads were clearly due to changing directions, this one was all JJ. In the Force Awakens, Rey finds Luke Skywalkers old lightsaber hidden in Maz Kanata’s basement. She asks how Maz came to have it, a good question since the last time we’d seen it was falling to its apparent doom on Bespin. Maz agrees, saying it’s a good question, but for another time. This implies that we will get to find out how she got it, and that maybe it’s important.

Was it given to her to hold onto for Rey? Rey seems to have a connection to it. And Rey also has some unexplained vison while picking it up. And then… nothing. We never get a story or explanation in the movies’ about why or how Maz has it. Nor do we get anything on Rey’s vision, indeed it turns out she has no prior connection to the saber at all, outside of the fact that her grandfather had seen it a few times.

The Knights Of Ren

Another one that’s all JJ. The Knight of Ren are teased in TFA, with a name drop and a quick vision of what people correctly assumed was them. With little to go on people had a lot of theories. And while we didn’t know much they seemed pretty cool. Their connection to Kylo Ren seemed to imply there were some kind of dark side force user team (which was essentially correct). This was a pretty nifty idea as on screen we’d never seen a large number of Dark Jedi together, something that was fairly common in parts of the EU.

Who they were, what they were doing, and how badass they were, were all things people wanted to know. And then… we got pretty much nothing. They showed up in Rise of Skywalker after being absent for a movie, and did next to nothing, with no cool background (in the movie) and then got killed off effortlessly (because they use… sticks? swords? homemade knives?). What a disappointment.


Let us know what plot points you think was a mistake to drop, down in the comments! 

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