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Warhammer 40K – Horus Heresy Plastic Boxed Set Pics!

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Jun 12 2021

It looks like there’s an impressive plastic boxed set for 30K headed our way and the minis are amazing!

There have been rumblings of something big coming for Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness range for some time. Things have been awful quiet on the 30K front for quite some time but then this lightning bolt from the blue landed today.

via Facebook’s Fluff King

“So – would anyone like to see some pics of the new Horus Heresy boxset due out……soon?

Plastic Mk6
New Plastic Contemptor
Plastic Spartan
Possible plastic characters (heralds/praetors?)
And some Cataphractii.

No? Nobody? Ok well here’s some pics anyway.”

The Pics

Mk VI Beakies!


Mk VI Beakies with officers.


Spartan (maybe plastic!)


Right off the bat this looks like a new larger “primaris-scaled” Mk.VI Beakies and a lot of other stuff.  Bigger scaled classic marines are an amazing thing and the nostaliga factor for Mk.VI beakies is off the scale.  We have Catapharactii, a Contemptor, Officers, and last but certainly not least a mighty Spartan.

The Contemptor looks plastic with new-style ranged weapons, and the biggest mystery is the Spartan. I’ve built a resin one and it is one of the notoriously difficult kits to assemble with a lot of finished and cleanup needed to get it to fit together smoothly.  The one in the pic may indeed be plastic as it has some notable differences – such as the rivets and internal teeth on the tracks.

You all look sharp and comment on what you think and if you spot anything else.

For comparison here are the previous plastic Horus Heresy infantry kits:


Existing Plastic Contemptor

Existing plastic Mk.4 Maximus Marines


Existing plastic Mk.3 Marines

Existing plastic Cataphractii Terminators

Existing plastic Tartaros Terminators

And here’s a Resin Spartan for you to compare the one inthe pics above to:


~What do you think – all plastic?

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