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Warhammer 40K: Other Guard Regiments Who Need the Gaunt’s Ghosts Treatment

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Jun 15 2021
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Let’s talk about some other Astra Militarium Regiments that would benefit from a limited release.

Guant’s Ghosts are getting a new release this week. This release is something of an interesting one. The new box is not a generic box, giving you models for six named characters. However, it also not a limited one as it seems the box will be available for a while. In addition, the models come with rules both for fielding them and to use them to build out a full Tanith First and Only Army.

As such this is quite a cool release. It’s also quite the first time something like this has been done in recent memory, the Euclidian Starstriders had a similar limited release as part of Kill Team, coming with a unique squad and rules for using it (though not rules for making it into a whole army).

Personally, I think this kind of release is really cool and something GW should do for more Astra Militarum Regiments, so let’s take a look at a few this could work with.

The Necromunda 8th “Spiders” 

The Spiders are one of Necromunda’s top Gangs and also form some of its Imperial Guard Regiments. The 8th is a very well-known Regiment with a long history, so long in fact that it’s been known to use Rhino’s and Land Raiders. They are led by Colonel Raeven Mortz and have a giant Spider for a mascot. A small box of these guys, with Mortz, the Spider, and few other newly named characters (or just Generics like the Starstriders) would be a cool tie-in with Necromunda and allow for some interesting models. It would also then let people draw from the whole Necromunda range in order to flesh out a full regiment.

Valhallan 597th


If Ibram Gaunt and his regiment get rules and models, then why not the Imperium’s other famous Commissar?  Ciaphas Cain is a famous, and popular character and his exploits with the Valhallan  597th are well documented. Given the number of named officers and characters from the Regiment we know it would be easy for them to make a box just like the Ghosts with 6 character models. For better or worse Valhallans already have rules, and models, so this one would be very easy to expand into a whole army.

13th Penal Legion 

OK, admittedly the 13th Penal Legion, “Schaffer’s Last Chancers”, already had models and rules back in the day, in fact, they were part of a number of Guard Codexes. The same however is true of Gaunt and the Tanith, so clearly this doesn’t disqualify them. Indeed you might say the Last Chancers are the prototype of this kind of release and so it’s only fitting to bring them back. The idea of a rag-tag group of convicts on one last mission to either die or find redemption remains a compelling, if not quite original one. The Last Chancers might be due for a larger than 6 model release, but is a great way to get some cool and diverse models out. It can also open up rules for fielding a full Penal Legion, not just the few surviving members that Schaffer takes on the “real” missions.


Let us know what Regiments you think should get a special box set, down in the comments! 

Author: Abe Apfel
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