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Warhammer Next Week: Classic Blood Bowl Teams And Necromunda Gets Thirsty

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Jun 20 2021

Next week it’s a specialist games spectacular as two classic teams are reintroduced for Blood Bowl, and Necromunda wants you to know about water.

Dominion might be up for pre-order as of this weekend, and with it the new Stormcast Host and Orruk Kruleboyz–but they’re not the only new kids on the block. Blood Bowl shows that they know a thing or two about revamping the classics–by which we mean they know you don’t need anything like fancy new models, why would you when the old ones are perfect as is. The only thing wrong with them is that they’re unavailable.

Until now. Two classic teams are going to be up for Made to Order release, so next weekend, you’ll be able to reserve your very own run of a High Elf Team or, if you’re feeling the vampire love these days, Vampire Counts from before they got all… cape-y. Check it out.


High Elves make for some of the most skilled (and consequently, most arrogant) players in the game, with incredible passing skills in particular. They’re also backed up by the extensive coffers of the Elven Kingdom, so it’s a rare team that isn’t decked out in the most expensive and yet lightweight armour that money can buy.

Equally powerful, and yet significantly less alive, the Vampire Counts bring their dark necromantic powers to the Blood Bowl pitch with style. Accompanied by their thralls, the vampires seek to prove their dominance over the league and bring all under their control.

But Blood Bowl isn’t the only thing getting a release next weekend. For those who prefer to get their hands on new models, Necromunda has you covered, you weirdos.


Meet the Water Guild. Tasked with gathering, refining, and trading the invaluable resource that is clean, drinkable water, they will go to almost any length to protect the trade of water. Up above you can see a Mercator Syphoning Delegation, whose rules are in the House of Blades expansion. It consists of a Master Nautican, Syphonite, and a Subnautican berserker.

Just take care to not become addicted to water. It will take hold of you and you will resent its absence.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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