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40K RUMORS: Ork Clan Rules Spotted

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Jul 16 2021

There’s a set of Ork Clan rules doing the rounds. Take a look

It’s all Orks all the time in the Grimdark these days and everyone is looking forward to the new Beast Snaggas box coming this weekend.


We’ve already seen some Clan rules for the Snakebites, and a new set of rumored Clan rules for the others is doing the rounds. These are all over social media, and this particular set comes from imgur. Let’s take a look:


Bad Moons

Sounds about right for Bad Moons, more teef means better kit.


Blood Axes

These sneaky gits are certainly Cunnin but Brutal. The thinking Ork’s Klan.

Evil Sunz

Yikes, but more pots of red paint and get ready to zoom all over the table. The Evil Sunz will be able to reach you – fast.


They are all about crumpin, and it shows. The Klan for those who are all about getting stuck in.


Death Skulls

Looters and opportunists. Gaining a CP when you destroy an enemy vehicle seems cool but corner-case, but picking out characters is extremely spicy!



Take that Celestine. The snakebites aren’t pious, they are just hard as nails!


~We’ll all have to wait and see what’s in that Best Snagga Codex.


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