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Age of Sigmar: Five Armies That Are Looking Good For 3.0

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Jul 1 2021

With a new edition about to land we’re taking a look at five armies that are poised to make a big splash in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 3.0!

There are a lot of armies to choose from in 3.0 and GW has written some primers on the lot of them. That said, we wanted to take a look at some of the armies that have to potential to really make their presence felt in the next edition. So let’s dive right in!


5 aSons of Behemat

They might have arrived a little late to the party, but the Sons of Behemat are ready to smash up the new edition. With most of their units counting as Monsters, Heroes, or both they are going to have access to a TON of extra rules. Dislodging them from Objectives is going to be a nightmare as well. And with smaller units and armies across the board you can bet the Mega-Gargants are going to have a field day.

Stormcast Eternals

For starters, they are already getting a bunch of new toys for this edition – literally right out of the box. On top of that, a new book for them has to be right around the corner and that’s always a big power boost in a new edition. We’ll have to wait and see how they shake-out all the way, but Stormcast Eternals are sitting pretty at the start of the next edition.

Orruk Warclans

On top of getting an entirely new sub-faction with the Kruleboyz (and all those new toys) the Orruks have a few other tricks up their sleeves for 3.0. Wardokks are a little silly at the moment and have some HUGE support plays they can make. Maw-Krushas are also looking even more appealing in this edition than before.  That 3+ save getting a boost from having a character on top with Their Finest Hour or even just Mystic Shield…yeah, the cabbage is coming to play.


Cities of Sigmar

You know how the Stormcast Eternals are getting all those new toys? Well that also means that those new toys will get cherry-picked by the Cities of Sigmar for some truly bonkers load-outs. There are lots of different Cities with tons of special rules to choose from. Want to run Yndrastra from outflanking, throw her spear, and then use “Stike Then Melt Away” to move FORWARD 12″ and also charge? Because, yes, that’s going to happen. And that’s just ONE example – we’re not even scratching the surface of what the new edition will help them with.

Slaves To Darkness

Who’s a big, scary hero on a monster who’s getting a ton of buffs in the next edition? I mean, yeah, Archaon did go up by 30 points…but he’s entirely worth it. Between Mystic Shield, Finest Hour, and whatever other spell buffs you want to toss on him, he’s going to shrugging off a lot of rend. He’s also useful in pretty much ever type of Chaos army you can fit him in. Chaos Warriors got bumped up to 10 man minimums in the GHB (yea!) so they can actually get reinforced without breaking the bank. Furthermore, those Idolators (you know the ones that pretty much got ignored) are looking better in 3.0 because Priests got a huge buff. Slaves To Darkness just might surprise a lot of folks this go around.





There’s a LOT of contenders in the new edition. Daughters of Khaine, Seraphon, Soulblight, GOTREK, and more – who are you rooting for?

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