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Age of Sigmar: The Storm is Rising – Review of the Latest Stormcast Reveals

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Jul 11 2021
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Not even a magical barrier can stop the storm…

3.0 is out in the wild, and it’s already shown us a lot of exciting things. The Dominion box had a successful and thankfully scalper light release, and the models within are just the tip of the iceberg for all the amazing stuff coming to the Orruk Warclans and Stormcast Eternals. We saw a preview of a few of those releases last weekend, and I already covered the swampy nonsense of the Kruleboyz, so in the spirit of fairness, let’s talk about the SCE reveals we saw last weekend.

Lord-Commander Bastian Cartalos


Not content with just one new leader entity, Sigmar has unleashed the big boss of the Hammers of Sigmar, the imposing Lord-Commander Cartalos. Wielding an enormous great hammer and able to call down bolts of lightning from the sky to smite his foes, this guy looks every bit the paramount commander of the forces of Sigmar, and his bulky frame makes an awesome parallel to the lithe form of Yndrasta. I can’t wait to see this guy’s rules, and I have a feeling he’ll grace several Stormcast lists in future tournaments, assuming his points aren’t ridiculous.


A lieutenant version of the skull-headed priests of the Stormcast, the Knight-Relictor looks to follow the pattern of lighter Stormcast support lords. His terrifying four-bladed maul and the skull censer he carries make him a striking model on the battlefield, and with the importance of priests in the new edition, he will likely bring powerful support options to the Stormcast. I’m interested to see where he fits since the website describes him as being more of a front-line unit.



Following Order’s love of all things greatsword, the Vanquishers are a new infantry squad wielding massive swords and thunderstrike armor. There doesn’t seem to be much question that these will be light melee powerhouses, and likey very good at thinning out enemy hordes.


Also happy to steal from the effective units from other factions are the Vigilors, Sigmar’s answer to the light skirmishing Shadow Warriors of Elvish fame. Combining short gladii with powerful longbows, these will be your mobile shooting answer while the rest of your shooting line stays still. Warmachines especially will have to watch out for these Skirm-cast.



Not a new unit but rather a reinforcement of Dominion models, the Annihilators box offers the big boys a new weapon option in the form of Meteoric Greathammers, which are exactly as gnarly as they sound. If you snagged (or plan to snag) Dominion, make sure you pick up a box or two of these to bolster your forces.

Which reveals were you most excited about?

Author: Clint Lienau
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