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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Another Vampire Hunter On The Way

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Jul 20 2021

It could just be another Monster Hunter but the hammer and stakes kind of give it away.

Well everyone, it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for your weekly teaser from the future that is known as the Games Workshop Rumor Engine. You know what this means so get your guessing-game hats on and take a look at a miniature that is coming soon.

via Warhammer Community

“The orisons have been chanted, the unguents applied, and the supplicants have made their offerings. The augurs are auspicious. It is time to turn the sacred crank, pull the immaculate rip-cord, and allow the Rumour Engine to sputter into life once again. “

So what are we looking at this time? Well, this sure looks like someone is ready to do some travelling and go monster slaying. They have a large blade that is currently sheathed, a sturdy-looking hammer and at least 4 stakes. If that doesn’t say “I’m ready to hunt some vampires” then I’m not sure what else it could be. We’ve had lots of examples of Witch/Monster/Vampire Hunters from GW lately:


With the season of the beast upon us in the Mortal Realms, it kind of seems like a Monster Hunter – but again, the stakes and hammer lead me to think it’s not just after big game to hunt. Could this be tied to something else? Certainly! And if you’ve got some ideas we’d love to see them in the comments. But for now, we’re going to have to lean hard into the idea that this is likely something for the Mortal Realms. It’s not like there are vampires or anything in the Grimdark, right?

…Oh. Whelp, all bets are off! Ork Kommando Vampire Hunter or bust!


Vampire Hunter? Monster Hunter? Witch Slayer? Sigmarite or Emperor’s chosen – if you’ve got guesses we want to see them in the comments!

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