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‘Star Wars: Death Star Assault Game’ Is More Fun To Play With Than Just Play

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Jul 22 2021

The only Star Wars game that lets you Pew! Pew! Pew! your X-Wing like you’ve secretly always wanted to.

Star Wars: Death Star Assault Game is a competitive roll-to-move and dexterity game. Technically, the objective of each player is to move to the docking bay of the Death Star and then shoot Darth Vader out of his TIE Fighter and into space, saving Princess Leia. But this game definitely falls into the same group as games like Mouse Trap, where there are rules, but I have to imagine everyone who played this spent the whole time just using it as a toy.

Released in 1995 by Parker Brothers, the game is basically Vader Bowling. During each player’s turn, they spin and either move their character forward, or shoot at the TIE Fighters. The player loads a little ball into the X-Wing and aims and fires at the TIE Fighters. Hitting one causes it to flip down, opening a more clear shot at Vader, which can’t be done until later. Also, each ship destroyed, the player collects a token.

The spinner will also allow the player to sometimes add another TIE Fighter to the field, blocking the path for the other players, or to move their character forward. Each time they move, their character moves along the path towards the Death Star. Once their character reaches the Death Star, the player gets to make a shot at Darth Vader. They get one shot, plus an additional shot for each ship token they’ve collected along the way. The first player to shoot Darth Vader saves Leia and wins the game!

However, occasionally the spinner will have Darth Vader make a move. If he reaches the end of his path before any of the players are able to shoot him down, both players lose and he wins!

Overall, Death Star Assault Game is like Mouse Trap, more a novelty than an exciting game. It does actually have some decent mechanics, in how the TIE Fighters flip down when hit and how the Leia token blocks Vader until she can be moved at the end.


But like many other Star Wars games, it looks great set up in a game room. Plus, who doesn’t love shooting little pellets out of a toy star fighter?

Thanks for reading!

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