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Warhammer 40K McFarlane Wave 4 Orks & More Action Figures On the Way

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Jul 1 2021

There are prices and product listing for the 4th wave of McFarlane Toys 40K figures on the way. The WAAAGH is coming!

The Wave 3 models announced here are here and should be hitting your desks in the next few weeks:

Blood Angels Hellblaster



Artist’s Proof Space Marine Primaris Hellblaster


Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister


Artist’s Proof Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister

Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant

Wave 4

But the bigger news is the listing of what’s after that.  This product listing has been doing the rounds for a week or so (via FB’s The Voice of Reason), but has just been corroborated by a Canadian Toy Store putting up pre-orders for them. So it looks like the list is real, and headed our way in the fall.




The Wave 4 Breakdown:

Marine (SDCC Repaint) AUG-SEP

Necron Flayed One OCT-NOV

Necron Flayed One – Artist Print OCT-NOV

Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister OCT-NOV

Genestealer  NOV-DEC

Genestealer- Artist Print  NOV-DEC

Ork Meganob w/ Buzzsaw (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC

Ork Meganob w/ Shoota  (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC


Ork Meganob w/ Shoota – Artist Print (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC

Big Mek (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC

Big Mek – Artist Print (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC

Reiver (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC

Reiver – Artist Print (Mega Action Figure) NOV-DEC



Note the prices are listed in Canadian dollars which are roughly 50% higher than USD ($19.99 USD and $30.95 Canadian are listed on multiple stores for the same figures.

Note the difference in the descriptions of the Orks as “MEGA ACTION FIGURES” compared to the rest described as “7-inch figures”. That along with the higher prices makes me think the Orks will be significantly larger than what we have seen so far.

The leaked list and the store’s pre-orders are quite similar with only minor differences like the Raven Guard Veteran Serg being the odd man out.


The tie-in of Orks may or may not be intended as a tie-in with the big Ork 40K expansion in the near future. Perhaps GW wants to push Orks heavily on all fronts in 2021.

~Which ones do you want? It’s only a matter of time till images show up.


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