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Warhammer 40K: More Ork Beast Snaggas Teased

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Jul 7 2021

There’s more Ork Beast Snaggas on the way and GW is being particularly coy about these new reveals.

The lastest WAAAGH!! is coming very soon and the Beast Snaggas are leading the way. With that, they are bringing a bunch of new models that we’ve seen so far and GW has a few more they are holding on to in their back pocket…for now. Today, we’re getting a couple of teasers from them involving the Squig-riding greenskins.

via Warhammer Community

Bomb Squig

This one was shown off previously, but we’re getting a look at the rules for the first time. These roaming land mines are exactly what you think they are and they are pretty accurate for ork “shooting” too. They are even better vs vehicles and because they also can fire off in Overwatch, they make great anti-charing deterrents.


Smasha ‘Ead

We’re also getting a look at the new Smasha ‘Ead rule for the Beast Snaggas. These Squigs are so hard headed, they get a static number of attempts to smash an enemy that just got charged by it. 5D6 and on each 4+ the target enemy unit takes a mortal wound is pretty good odds. It’s unclear if this is a Beast Snagga Nob option only and if you get multiple Smasha ‘Eads in a unit. But even if it’s “just” a Nob, that’s pretty good!

Targeting Squig


So here’s where we dip into the teaser territory. We have ourselves a targeting squig here. Cute…I think. Anyhow, here’s what GW teased about it:

“It almost looks like the squig has been left to aim and fire the gun itself, doesn’t it? It must take a particularly important kind of Beast Snagga to secure such a complex device, and you’ll find out exactly who they are very soon.”

Hmm…I guess we WILL be waiting on that for a bit.


New Dok Options

Here’s another interesting side note – the new Dok model has a couple different options. We saw a similar model before – can you spot the differences?


The Last Tease

“Squigs can get rather big, as anyone unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a Squiggoth charge can attest. Some of the larger kinds make perfect beasts of burden, with the brute strength necessary to tow large war engines into battle. What exactly are these contraptions? You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to find out.”

Oh my. That could be quite the teaser there. What will it be?

Just going to leave this pic here and let your mind wander.


Are you pumped about the new Orks coming soon? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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