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Warhammer 40K: New Ork ‘Kommandos’ Rules – Sneaky Gits Got Sneakier

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Jul 19 2021

The Ork Kommandos got a few upgrades in the new Ork Codex. Let’s see what’s new for the sneakiest gits around!

There are LOTS of changes coming in the new Ork Codex. Well, we got a few snippets thanks to an oopsie on the App. Let’s take a the new rules and see how they stack-up compared to the old ones. Speaking of which – here’s a look at the 8th edition Datasheet so we can have a comparison point:



What’s New is New!

Right off the bat, you can see the Kommandos went up in Power Level. I wonder why… actually, no I don’t – look at the statlines. The Boss Nob got some bumps and so did the Kommandos in the Toughness department. That’s a new universal thing for the orks as they are now Tougher than they used to be.

The Kommandos also got access to some new wargear as well. One new option is a Burna. I’ll let that idea sink in while we go over some of the option new toys:

The Breacha Ram is exactly what it sounds like. It’s for busting in doors and getting in close. To represent this, the target unit doesn’t receive the benefits of cover against these attacks. Bust those doors (and cover) indeed!


The Shokka Pistol is another new weapon in their options as well. It’s “just” as pistol but it’s better vs Vehicles. Not too shabby. Both of these options are also available for every 1 in 10 Kommandos in the unit.

Additionally, they also have a couple of extra gits to help out for special situations:

I have this funny feeling that neither is long for this world once the fighting starts. Anyhow, let’s check out some of the updated abilities.

This rule got simplified quite a bit. Now, you just deploy them on the battlefield that is more than 9″ away from the enemy deployment zone and any enemy models. Unfortunately that does mean they will be on the tabletop and can’t just “pop-up” in the movement phase.


The Sneaky Gits rule didn’t really change that much – the wording got rearranged. Just wanted to call that out.

And finally, the Throat Slittas rule got a re-work. This now requires the Kommado to be within 1″ of a terrain feature. Good thing they get to bring a Distraction Grot with them who can act as that terrain feature for a round.

These new rules should pair perfectly with the new Ork Kommados coming in Kill Team.


It’s almost like GW planned that…


Author: Adam Harrison
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