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Warhammer 40K: War Zone Charadon – It’s Chaos Time

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Jul 14 2021

Hey, Chaos Players – Daemons and Space Marines alike – you’re going to want to get your hands on War Zone Charadon this weekend.

Are there new rules for The Adepta Sororitas and Adeptus Mechancius in here? Sure. But we all know why you’re really here – It’s Be’lakor’s new toys! The Master of Shadows is back and better than ever with a whole mess-ton of goodies for chaos players in the new War Zone Charadon book:


Act II: Book of Fire, Indeed!

At this point, everyone probably knows what a campaign book is from Games Workshop. The battle in War Zone Charadon continues as the Death Guard are reinforced by the forces of Chaos and the Imperium gets back-up with arrival of the Sisters of Battle. The Ad Mech are pretty dug-in and from a narrative standpoint, it’s a big old fashioned throw-down. It’s a fun story and as a campaign book, you can theoretically play through the various campaigns and missions and explore the battle from the ground (or at least the tabletop). That’s all well and good but I know folks really want to know about the rules.

Ladies First

Perhaps the most iconic Sisters of Battle order is the Order of Our Martyred Lady and they are getting their very own supplement in this book. New Warlord Traits, relics, wargear – you know the drill by now. It’s great for them and bad news for the enemies of the Emperor. This is basically like a chapter or White Dwarf supplement and if you’re playing as this particular Order then yes, you’re going to want to check out these updates for sure.

Adeptus Mechancius Upgrade


To me, this one was marginally less exciting but it’s still noteworthy for Ad Mech players. The Skitarii Veteran Cohort is a thing for sure and it does open up some new options for Ad Mech armies. It’s an army of Renowned which basically means you get a ton of your own special rules in exchange for not taking certain things or building you lists in specific ways. In this case (as you might have guessed from the name) it’s pretty much all Skitarii all the time.

So what do they get? Aside from the obligatory Warlord Trait, Relic, and Stratagems, they also get access to Veterans. Either Rangers or Vanguard, they both get a bump in leadership, a 5+ invulnerable save, and a special rule. You pay a few extra points but the trade off is probably worth it. These rules are also available for any of the Ad Mech Forge Worlds as well – as long as you abide by the other restrictions. Overall, it’s a nice option if you want to build this specific style of Ad Mech army.


Realistically, I could spend the next 1000 words talking about Be’lakor’s new Disciples, all there rules, changes, and goodies. But I know what you really want to know:

Be’lakor is a beatstick. He’s got a bunch of cool rules that make him tougher and deadlier than before and hopefully he should be able to keep up in the new edition. Now if only his model would come back in stock…

He also has a new army of renown as well – Disciples of Be’lakor. They have a funky rule for how you have to build them out which we’ve covered before. They get some more special rules and more importantly you can really build a combined army of chaos daemons and chaos space marines – it’s actually kind of cool.


These abilities override their respective Legion Discipline or Locus ability, but that’s what happens when you join the master of shadows. Overall, it’s a nice way to incorporate a bunch of models you probably own as a chaos player into one army that you can now sort of mix-and-match with. You also get Warlord Traits, Stratagems, and a new Psychic Power set, too.

How ‘Bout Some More Chaos?

This book also contains a massive amount of rules for Chaos Space Marines. Specifically, new Warlord Traits, Stratagems, and Relics for following seven Legions:

  • Word Bearers
  • Night Lords
  • Alpha Legion
  • Iron Warriors
  • Emperor’s Children
  • World Eaters
  • Black Legion

This book also has rules for running Renegade Chapters and more updates as well as some generic Chaos Space Marine relics, too. It’s actually a HUGE update for the Chaos Space Marines in general. At the same time, it does feel a little like a band-aid until the CSM get a new codex. It’s a FANCY band-aid and it works…but does that replace a new 9th edition codex? TBD.

Oh and Fabius Bile gets a rules update because reasons. Those also include new stratagems, relics and an updated datasheet for him, too.




War Zone Charadon – Act II: The Book of Fire $60


Forge world Metalica is besieged. Typhus and his plague-ridden hosts seek to infect the planet with the gruesome and terminal malady known as the Nemesis Wurm. As the worlds of their system burn and warp storms rage all around, the planet’s defenders stand alone against the nightmare onslaught.

Elsewhere, dark shadows stir as an ancient and terrible entity is summoned forth to bedevil the Imperium anew – at the head of his mortal disciples, Be’lakor steps from the depths of the warp to launch a malevolent attack upon Kolossi, the homeworld of House Raven. Throughout the war zone, Imperial forces battle exhaustion, isolation, and horror as they strive to outlast their heretical foes. Yet amidst the darkness blazes fierce new light, for a battle group of the Indomitus Crusade has come at last in answer to the region’s cries for aid – one led by Abbess Sanctorum Morvenn Vahl herself.


This one is definitely for the Chaos Players out there.

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