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Warhammer 40K: Hands On With The Miniatures of Kill Team

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Aug 11 2021

We have the new Kill Team Octarius miniatures built and ready to rock. Join us as we take a hands-on look at them.

The new Kill Team Octarius box set is pretty impressive. I was pretty excited about the new miniatures included and so I tackled the assembly of them. I learned a few things along the way so let’s chat about these awesome new miniatures.

Initial Impressions

There’s a LOT of stuff in this box. Personally, I’m really hoping GW parts out the various kits in the box as solo offerings later. I want to see more Death Korps of Krieg armies, more awesome Ork Kommandos, and TABLES of Orky Terrain. There’s a lot to get excited about in this box for sure. It’s also a tad overwhelming to be honest. More on that below but let’s just say it’s a hobby building challenge to tackle for any hobbyist out there.

For Krieg!

The Death Korps of Krieg have been a long time fan favorite. Previously, if you wanted to collect an army featuring the iconic models, you’d have to turn to Forge World. But this set now offers them in plastic – at least a unit of them to start. And that kit is very, very impressive! It’s got all the bits you need to build a squad of them with just about any options you could take. Think of a Cadian Shock Trooper box but better. There’s a few different poses but what really takes the cake is the modularity of these models. While you’re legs, heads, and torsos are fairly set in their construction, the arm swaps can lead to some crazy options.

While these models are really impressive you’re going to have to decide how you want to build them. I don’t envy you’re choices here! Only because there are so many different ways you could build them and each one is just as valid as the other. If you’re assembling them for Kill Team, you might want to build the list on paper before you build these models. For example, that Comms specialist is SUPER handy in Kill Team. You wouldn’t know that if you didn’t read their rules first…

Sneaky Gits


This Kit is bonkers. I’ve mentioned this in the unboxing video but the amount of stuff on these sprues is almost too much. Just like the Krieg models, you’re not going to be hurting for bits or options. To be honest, there were too many options to try out and just an overwhelming number of bits jammed on these three sprues. It’s great for hobbyists as you’ll be able to build the Orky Kommandos of your dreams. It’s also a pain in the hobby butt to follow the instructions to assemble these “off the box art” if you want to go that route.

They look GREAT. But I’ve build a lot of GW models in my day and these ranked up there as some of the most tedious. Why? I blame the numbering of the bits. We’re dealing with 130+ bits and they are spread out among the three sprues. When you’re following the instructions, you’ll have to find seemingly random bits to assemble and they aren’t in a logical order. It might be bit 15, 53, and 107 (random numbers I choose, but you get the idea)…and they probably won’t be in the same cluster. This kit just didn’t seem to be organized like other GW models. Oh well, I got them built and they ended up being really cool looking. Beauty is pain or something.

Orky Terrain

I won’t harp on this too much more, but I love the orky terrain in this kit. There’s something about a great set of terrain on a tabletop that just makes me want to get in there and push models around. I feel like the terrain really draws players in to a board and makes everything feel more cinematic and fun. This is finally the Orky Terrain set that will transport you to an Ork fort or battlefield. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get off Imperial terrain for a bit and fight in Orky-land.

I could keep gushing about the models but I think you get the idea. Even if you don’t have any desire to play Kill Team, you can’t deny these models are just plain rad.



Kill Team Octarius goes up for Pre-orders this weekend!

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