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Warhammer 40K: Why We Need A Combined Aeldari Codex

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Aug 5 2021
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Let’s take a look at why we need a new Aeldari book – for ALL of them.

The Eldar, now known as the Aeldari, are one of the classic 40K races. They’ve long been broken into several factions, with a varying number of books. Now, however, it’s maybe time for the Aeldari to get one larger combined book. Let’s take a look at why.

The Craftworlds Need a Refresh

Craftworld Eldar, arguably the core of the race, is an old and very popular faction. Of the various factions, they are the longest continually running faction with their own models and Codex. While they can still be a good faction, the major takeaway here is that they are old. The Craftworlders haven’t had a major refresh in a long time and are in the running for the on-average oldest model line in the game. Many Craftworld models haven’t changed since 2nd Edition and are ancient. Their model line needs a massive refresh (they’ve been getting a really tiny one lately) and the book needs some better internal balance to deal with a massive number of units.

Harlequins Are Too Small

OK, so Craftworlds are old and need a refresh, but why combine books?  Well, the truth is that while Harlequins can be a decent army they are really too small of a faction to stand on their own. They are by far the smallest army to get its own codex with a tiny selection of units. They haven’t even gained any help from Forge World like Custodes or Knights did. Given Harlequin lore I’m also not really sure how you’d add more unit types to them. You could of course just make some up, but I’m just not sure where you would conceptually. The army is pretty focused in what it does and doesn’t allow for a ton of variation and as a result, you see them played in an Eldar soup list a lot more than on their own. It might just be better to fold them into a larger book.


Aeldari Already Soup Up A Lot Anyway

The Aeldari are one of the few factions that still really like to play soup lists. In general, they aren’t punished as much for these lists as other factions. As a result in comparative play it’s vary rare to find Craftworld lists that aren’t soup lists, and even a number of Harlequin and Drukhari lists are soup. Combining into one book would just recognize how people play.

It Makes Sense With the Ynnari

Speaking of soup, Eldar have a whole new(ish) faction that is just about soup. The Ynnari are a faction that combines all the other Aeldari factions into one. Despite being the “big new thing” for the race they are woefully underdeveloped, with only three models and a handful of half-hearted attempts at rules for them. The obvious answer to the Ynnari issues is to combine the various books, or maybe all but the Drukhari, into one larger book that forms the Ynnari.

It Could Tie Into A Major Lore Advancement

The Ynnari plotline has in general been about the rebirth of the Aeldari race and returning them to power. As part of this features the various Aeldari factions combining back together and working together. No longer will they be at war with themselves, but form one single united race. Now so far this hasn’t really gone anywhere in the lore, with the Ynnari being kind of abandoned. But what could be a clear sign of this move, – combining of the race, then actually combining their rules and books into one? This would be a massive symbolic step that would help usher in a new age for the Aeldari.

Let us know what you think should be done with the Aeldari, down in the comments! 


Author: Abe Apfel
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