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D&D: Check Out ‘Advanced 5th Edition’s’ Take On The Tarrasque

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Sep 17 2021

Level Up, the upcoming ruleset for ‘Advanced 5th Edition’ is previewing one of fantasy’s most iconic monsters: the tarrasque, bigger and badder than ever.

If you’ve played 5th Edition D&D you understand how seemingly fragile even the most threatening monsters can be when they’re surrounded by a party full of player characters bristling with once-per-rest powers and spells that can end fights before the third round is over and done with. But today, we’re taking a look at how Level Up, makers of Advanced 5th Edition, have redesigned some of 5th Eidition’s most iconic monsters. Like the legendary Tarrasque:

The tarrasque is often presented as a beast of calamity, as much a force of nature or force of history as it is an individual monster. And here, the “Advanced” Tarrasque is a CR 30 monster that is both elite and legendary. To start with you can see several changes to the vanilla tarrasque, starting with a pile of hit points–1,230 on average, but with a maximum of 1800 if you decide to swing for the fences. And with a burrow speed of 30 feet, this tarrasque can evade flying opponents and make sure that it enters the fight on its own terms.

But take a look at its abilities:

These are some powerful new options. All the usual stuff is still here–the reflective carapace, the ability to swallow enemies whole or make claw, bite, tail, and horn attacks (whose damage has all been adjusted up). But there are some changes that address some of the tarrasque’s supposed ‘weaknesses’. Like the ability “Astounding Leap”, which means that the tarrasque can jump as high as its speed, meaning it can reach enemies 60 feet away, specifically allowing it to deal with level 1 aarakocra clerics.

There’s also a nod to one of the other inspirations for the tarrasque, a certain legendary monster who points out the folly of man, with the tarrasque’s new radiant breath ability, giving it a powerful breath weapon that allows it to effect multiple targets at range.


But where the new tarrasque really shines is in the legendary abilities: a terrifying roar that frightens creatures in quite a large radius, the ability to end negative effects immediately, or inescapable earth which stops flying creatures in their tracks.

Truly this new version of the tarrasque feels like a genuinely legendary beast. A showstopping boss encounter to cap off your campaign. If you like this monster and want to see more, you can check out the Level Up forums, and be sure to follow the upcoming Kickstarter, coming in just a little over two weeks:

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Happy Adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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