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MTG: New Tokens And Returning Legends In Innistrad – Midnight Hunt

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Sep 17 2021

Well folks, this is the last weekend before Midnight Hunt is officially out–check out some of the gorgeous tokens and returning legends!

While you can already start playing Innistrad: Midnight Hunt on Magic: the Gathering Arena, there’s still another week before the set is out in deliciously crackable booster packs–but that’s no reason to stop thinking about how incredibly satisfying it’s going to be to pull some of the incredible cards that are in this set. Today we’re looking at some of them–these are legends returning with updated stories for Midnight Hunt, and at the end of the article, we’ve got a gallery of the new tokens which are absolutely gorgeous. Check ’em out!

First up, Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia. This surgeon turned to necromancy in order to try and cure a deadly plague, and now he’s fallen prey to his own twisted desires to raise every corpse he can.

Jadar isn’t the only ghoulcaller though. Gisa Cecani is one of the most powerful ones you’ll find–now that the Eldrazi have been defeated (or have they) she hangs out in the Cathedral of Avacyn, raising zombies in the ruins of the holy city of Thraben.

Jerren was once a demon cultist who served Griselbrand–right up until Griselbrand was slain. That tends to leave you wondering about your life choices, but rather than reevaluate the path that led him to that point, the corrupt bishop of Sigarda decided to swap over the next demon that came along, Ormendahl, the Corruptor.


Liesa, forgotten archangel has returned after being slain by Avacyn. Perhaps it was due to a demonic pact, perhaps it was just the sheer force of will that it took to counter the efforts to disperse her very essence, but Innistrad has a need for angels now more than ever, and Liesa is back.

Then there’s Rem Karolus, an inquisitor who has tangled with strange and dangerous creatures from vampires and werewolves to angels and Eldrazi. Rem has even recently learned to fly a hippogryff in order to one day reach the moon and destroy it.

Then there’s Ludevic of Ulm, a necro-alchemist who has created his own monster, which he becomes after sacrificing enough.

Tovolar has taken up command of the Dire Strain pack, and now he rides to try and take down the Dawnhart Coven.


While Sigarda herself, one of the only angels not to fall to Emrakul’s influence, has risen in the Avacynian Church. This angel champions the communities of Innistrad, one of the few beings to do so.

Those are the returning legends, now feast your eyes on the tokens:

All this coming next week!

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