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D&D: Play As Dragons In A New Free Adventure From D&D Beyond

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Oct 18 2021

With Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons just around the corner, D&D Beyond has released a free adventure where the players are the dragons.

For a game called Dungeons & Dragons, you might not see much of one or the other. But in a new adventure available now from D&D Beyond, The White Dragons Hunt lets you play as a clutch of young white dragons tasked with infiltrating another dragon’s layer to steal back some white dragon eggs before they hatch.

Notably, this adventure introduces the idea of one of the new crystal dragon from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, due out next week (owing to “goblin-related delays“.) And though the dragon doesn’t make an appearance in the adventure, if you play through the adventure (and check back once the release date hits) you’ll get a free preview of the Crystal Dragon’s book.

Here’s a quick overview of the adventure:

For centuries, the adult white dragon known by locals as Korvarlatel has ruled over nearby villages from her lair, an icy and subterranean cave network that lies hidden in a range of snow-capped mountains. She demands livestock and treasures from her subjects and is quick to feed on those that refuse her. With no one to oppose her rule, the white dragon has prospered and raised young white dragons — the characters — in her lair.

More recently, Korvarlatel has laid a clutch of three eggs, which are at the center of this adventure.

Players will take on the roles of young white dragons tasked with infiltrating the lair of the crystal dragon to retrieve some stolen eggs. Along the way, they’ll have to defeat a band of adventurers, as well as deal with the problems of being a dragon.


The rules they’ve chosen are pretty straightforward, if you want to try and run a similar adventure using other dragon types:

  • Use the stat block for the young white dragon
  • Make death saves
  • Can use potions and other items

It’s really straightforward. The adventure itself is relatively short–you’ll be able to play through in just a session or two.

Check out White Dragons Hunt

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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