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Star Wars: Rancor with a 3.5 Foot Wide Arm Span is Haslab’s Latest Monster Project

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Oct 25 2021

The monster gets the proportions it deserves in this huge Black Series fig.

The first HasLab Star Wars project was a massive recreation of Jabba’s sail barge, the Khetanna. They followed it up with a 30″ long Razor Crest. The latest is a giant, seventeen-inch tall Rancor– the monster that Luke fights in Jabba’s pit in Return of the Jedi.


The crowdfunding campaign is live now and will run to December 6th. It’ll ship Spring of 2023 if the campaign funds.

The Black Series Rancor$349.99

A terrifying and mesmerizing creature, the Rancor is an unforgettable part of the Star Wars galaxy. When the team began to think about The Black Series HasLab project, the Rancor was the undisputed winner. It’s even one of our designer’s favorite movie monsters of ALL TIME. How could it not be?! A ferocious and formidable opponent whose commanding size and brute force strength is enough to rattle even the most powerful Jedi. And HasLab is the only way to bring the Rancor to you. Here we have the freedom to breathe new life into classic figures in an extraordinary out-of-the-box way, creating legendary sculpts to add to your collection. Join us by funding this larger-than-life monster now!

  • Arm span of 42 inches (106.68 cm) from talon to talon
  • Height of 17.5 inches (44.45 cm)
  • Has the ability to extend to be 27 inches tall (68.58 cm) with arms raised
  • 12.8 inches (32.512 cm) deep (from nose to the back of the figure)
  • 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide body (from shoulder to shoulder)
  • Over 45 points of articulation


You can help crowdfund the creation of this big hungry boi from now until December 6th.



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