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Age of Sigmar: New Dragons Are More Modular Than You Think

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Nov 28 2021

Descending from the sky is one of the coolest kits Games Workshop has ever produced. Hello Dragons!

The Sons of Dracothian and Stormdrake Guard have finally dropped, and they are easily the finest kits I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together. You can watch a video of us gushing about it below but I wanted to talk a little bit about what makes these kits so incredible, and why you’ll definitely want to add them to your collection.

Sons of Dracothian

The big bad dragon princes of the Mortal Realms, and in my opinion the best-looking dragons Games Workshop has ever produced, Krondys and Karazai are an incredible model to put together. The kit can either build the more regal Krondys in all his Sigmarite regalia or the wrathful Karazai, complete with a series of scars that would make Tony Montana blush. The model is absolutely massive, but surprisingly light, and even though it is primarily hollow is it still VERY sturdy, so no worrying about fiddly wings falling off during transport.

The only bit that gave me pause was the collar around Krondys’s neck, which comes as two separate parts and sort of just sits around his shoulders without any real support. Other than that, though, these models are incredible, and I’ll likely be adding them to my collection as centerpieces, regardless of whether I play them on the tabletop or not.

Stormdrake Guard

The first unit of dragon cavalry we’ve ever seen, the Stormdrake Guard make an impressive spectacle once fully built. The warrior on the back can be built with a choice of lance or sword, and you can build a single warrior as a Knight-Draconis with a Greek-style round shield and flaming sword. You also have a choice of a male and female torso, though it isn’t overtly gendered (think Captain Phasma or Brienne rather than Xena) and 5 separate head choices to denote champions, single model units, or the Knight.


The dragons do suffer from Games Workshop’s continued desire to glue your fingers together with tiny but essential parts, and a single toe of both their front feet is a separate piece, so make sure you build them over a table or colorful floor so you don’t lose it when it is inevitably dropped. Other than that, these are absolutely gorgeous and dynamic models, and I can’t wait to see whole units of them flying across the battlefield, hopefully at someone other than me.

For Sigmar!

Author: Clint Lienau
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