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Bloodrayne Cosplay, GW Addresses Hate, Icewind Dale & Cowboy Bebop’s Thud.

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Nov 21 2021

Check out an amazing Bloodrayne Cosplay, GW Addresses Hate Issue, D&D Icewind Dale Guide, Star Wars’ most loathed ship, and Cowboy Bebop is… meh.

Games Workshop Responds To ‘Nazi Player Problem’ In Warhammer

Games Workshop reiterates that “The Imperium is driven by Hate. Warhammer [the Hobby] is not.”

‘Bloodrayne’ Cosplay– Brimstone Society’s Agent Rayne is Slaying

This Dhampir’s out for blood, killing any vampire that crosses her path. Calling all donors to check out this magnificent Bloodrayne cosplay.

Total War: Warhammer 3 – Nurgle Campaign Mechanics Unveiled!

Grandfather Nurgle’s forces are poised to ooze out across the world, a pustulent with victory and sick new mechanics. Check ’em out!

Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Doesn’t Quite Work – Spoiler Free Review

It’s finally here – and it’s ok.

D&D: The Ten Towns Of Icewind Dale – An Adventurer’s Guide

As December looms around the corner with the promise of wizards and winter, we head for the frozen reaches of Icewind Dale.

Star Wars: The Ship That Made You Hate The Disney Franchise – The Raddus Breakdown

No, not Reylo – but the STARship that made you think about fuel and how hyperspace works. Take a look at the MC85 Starcruiser aka the Raddus.

Warhammer Next Week: Dragons Come To The Age Of Sigmar, Outcasts To Necromunda

Dragons, Outcasts, Chaplains and more await you next week. Come take a look at next week’s pre-order releases for the worlds of Warhammer.


Author: Larry Vela
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