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Conquest: Who Needs Flying Monkeys When You Can Have Spires Stryx

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Dec 4 2021
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Take to the skies with these winged soldiers for Para Bellum’s Conquest!

When Para Bellum asked if I wanted to look at their Stryx miniatures for the Spires faction of Conquest, I jumped at the chance! When it comes to the miniatures hobby nothing gets me more excited than building miniatures. Especially when those miniatures are ones I had not built before.

When I received the box, I had so many questions. How will they look when built up? How will they rank up to the other miniatures in the set? And how large are Conquest miniatures really?

The answer to that last one is large. They are 38mm miniatures so they are a lot larger than minis by other manufacturers. They actually feel pretty much equivalent to (or perhaps a little bigger) than a Primaris Space Marine.

Here I am building up two of the twelve Stryx miniatures that come in a boxed set.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how the miniatures look after I built them.

The Built Spires Stryx Miniatures for Conquest

Once built, these miniatures looked fantastic. You get 12 of these miniatures per box.

I have to say I really enjoyed building these minis.

Given the small bases and the large minis, I was worried about them falling over. For the most part, they stand up pretty well on their own. For more about their stability, be sure to check out the YouTube video at the end of this article.

These minis are all really sharp. I like the weapons these creatures carry.

There are some really nice details on these minis. I can tell that Para Bellum has come a long way since their first miniatures.

In terms of abilities in Conquest, think of the Stryx as fast-moving infantry that might not be great at fighting, but they wound their enemies upon death. These basically make them a fast-moving suicide squad that takes out the enemy as they die.

When I built these, I did not worry about how they would rank up in the movement trays for the rank and file version of the game.

Here they all are ranked up in their movement trays. All 12 of them. They worked out just fine!

A Scale Comparison and More

As mentioned earlier, the miniatures of Conquest are 38mm. How does that line up with other manufacturers? Well, you are going to either have to watch the YouTube video below (use this link if the embedded video does not work), or visit the written review over on my personal website.

The video above gives you a full review of the Stryx including how they stand on a gaming table, how they fit in the rank and file trays, what is on the sprues, and more. If you are interested in these minis, the review on my personal website offers different images and a special deal on Para Bellum miniatures too.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, the Stryx by Parra Bellum are some really cool miniatures for the Spires. I really enjoyed getting my hands on this box set and building the miniatures.


If you haven’t checked Para Bellum yet, be sure to give them a look. Oh yes, don’t forget that you can get a 10% discount on these miniatures if you visit me on Must Contain Minis. You can also check out my alternative version of the review there with pictures of the sprues and a scale comparison image too. If you are not familiar with Conquest, there are two versions of the game.

There is a rank and file game called Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and a skirmish version of the game called Conquest: First Blood. You can use the same minis for both games! Before finishing up, let me tell you more about my site.

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Jacob Stauttener
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