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Cosplay: ‘Wheel of Time’ Fan-Film “Flight From Shadow”

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Dec 3 2021

But the Wheel turns, and a fan-made film will change that. Check out the costumes from this Wheel of Time fan film “Flight from Shadow”.

As the new Amazon show The Wheel of Time tackles Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, cosplayers are rejoicing! Finally, their oft imagined cosplays can come out of the closet and will shine with new light.

A sister of the Black Ajah from the ‘Flight From Shadow Fan Film’
While franchises like Marvel and The Lord of the Rings are easily recognizable to the eye, Robert Jordan’s series isn’t as well known. But fans aim to change that.
A few years ago, fans of the series came together to create a passion project. It was a fascinating portrayal of several scenes from the first book in the franchise, The Eye of the World.
Behind the scenes of the Pub scene from ‘Flight From Shadow’ Fan Film
The producers of the fan film released a short synopsis of the project:
“WHEEL OF TIME fan movie “Flight From Shadow” chronicles the events in the “Four Kings in Shadow” chapter from The Eye of the World, the first book of Robert Jordan’s bestselling series.
After narrowly escaping an ambush in the town of Whitebridge and walking for days on the Caemlyn Road, Rand al’Thor and his companion Matrim Cauthon seek rest and shelter in the Dancing Cart-Man Inn at the village of Four Kings. After bargaining for one night’s room and board with Saml Hake, the duo soon discover that the servants of the Great Lord of the Dark are hot on their heels. Deceived by Hake and his henchmen, Rand and Mat find themselves trapped in a storeroom, forced to use the forbidden energy of the One Power for their very survival.”

Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World

The project was completely self-funded, with everyone on the cast and crew volunteering their time. This is a beautifully shot fan-film, which showcases the passion of the artists for the subject matter.

We hope you enjoy this peek into the world of The Wheel of Time‘s fan-film. The Wheel of Time series is releasing this season on Amazon.

Flight From Shadow Fan Film

BTS Photography: Abbie Warnock Photography










“Peek behind the scenes with these interviews and shots of the team who made the WHEEL OF TIME fan movie “Flight From Shadow,” which chronicles the events in the “Four Kings in Shadow” chapter from The Eye of the World, the first book of Robert Jordan’s bestselling series.”
















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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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