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Games Workshop Advent Engine: Day 4 – ‘Stepping Up’

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Dec 4 2021

The Advent Engine is here for Day 4 and this one is getting ahead of the game by stepping up!

The daily Advent Engine is back with another teaser and this one has some more Aeldari elements, although it’s not quite what you might expect. Have a look for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“The incalculable energies of the warp tides respond to our requests for more pictures from the future! But, unfortunately, they still refuse to send back anything we can easily identify. Can you work out what this is?”

It’s a boot! And that boot is stepping on some Aeldari-looking ruins. It’s an interesting shoe design as well. Kind of reminds me of a Aeldari Ranger.

In fact, that gun sure looks familiar, too. Are we getting teasers for new Aeldari Rangers?


If the shoe fits, right? Plus these models are still finecast so they are due for retirement. Heck, even their name on the GW site is still Eldar Rangers. So yeah, they need an update on many fronts. I’m not saying we completely solved this one…but I think we’re pretty darn close.

We’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out. For now, if you’ve got any other guesses we’d love to see them in the comments. Let us know what you think this one could be!

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Here’s hoping for even more cool reveals from the Advent Engine!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • Games Workshop Advent Engine: Day 3 - 'Aeldari Inbound'