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Let’s Play D&D With Ciri from the ‘The Witcher’

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Dec 15 2021

This week we’re heading back into the world of The Witcher as we invite Ciri to our next Dungeons and Dragons session.

Just about everyone is excited for the return of The Witcher to Netflix. The first season captured the attention of fans of the books and games. The first season delivered, making a fun, exciting, and funny show with good world-building. It had a song that got stuck in all of our collective heads for months, to boot.


With The Witcher‘s return to Netflix right around the corner, let’s take a moment to add who I’m sure will be this season’s most compelling character to our next D&D campaign. Let’s make a sheet for…


The Witcher‘s Ciri


How to Play Ciri in Your Campaign

There are a ton of ways to make a playable version of Ciri for your D&D campaign. Hexblade Warlock would be a fun way to lean into her Witcher training. Her control of time would make her a great candidate for a Chronurgy Wizard. But in season two, we’re still looking at a younger Ciri who’s still figuring out who and what she is. That thing isn’t always entirely stable.

As a Source, she has a natural talent and connection to magic, but it tends to make itself known when she’s under stress. That isn’t always something she is in control of. I can’t say for sure if this is the direction they’re going in with the show, but this background for Ciri made me think of a Wild Magic Sorcerer right away.

I still wanted to utilize her time powers a little, even at a relatively low level. As a character who is still very much in training, I gave her Blink and Misty Step as spells. While they have nothing to do with time per se, they both have the practical ability to make your character be in one place one moment and completely other places the next. Not wasting time on travel looks flashy. It also gives you an upper hand in a fight and looks like this moment in the game.



Of course, Ciri has Witcher training as well. She’s fast and strong in a fight and skilled with various weapons. A Sorcerer is not usually highly skilled in weapons. I made up for this by giving her the feat Weapon Master and adding a few weapons to have proficiency at on her sheet. A grownup version of Ciri would probably have a far different sheet with multi-classes and fully developed Chronurgy abilities. I think this is pretty darn close for the young version who’s still in training and has a difficult time controlling her abilities.

Your Ideas!

How would you make Ciri for Dungeons & Dragons? Which Witcher character would you try to sneak into your next campaign?

What movie, show, game, or comic would you like to see sheets from next? Let us know in the comments!

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