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Age of Sigmar: Fury from the Deep is an Amazing Starter Set

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Jan 16 2022

The new Fury of the Deep box is the perfect starter for the sinister Idoneth or the noble Fyreslayers.

Fury of the Deep is up for pre-order, and it’s one of the coolest battleboxes we’ve gotten so far. It has all of the bits that we’ve come to expect from one of these boxes, but as the first 3.0 box, it has a lot riding on it. Thankfully, it more than delivers the goods and is the perfect place to start either of the contained armies. It’s ideal as a January release and will be an excellent first buy for a New Year, New Army.

Two New Heroes

Courtesy of Games Workshop

Age of Sigmar Battleboxes always come with either resculpted or brand new heroes for the included factions, and Fury is no exception. The Akhelian Thrallmaster and Auric Flamekeeper are both brand new, and they each have a snazzy mechanic to buff up their army. Each one is a great preliminary hero to get the basics of their included faction and will still deliver good results when added to a larger army. Plus, the sculpts are fantastic, and even if you just use them as conversion pieces, they’re well worth the buy.

Host of Troops

Alongside the two brand new heroes are 40 warrior models and one angry shark to follow them into battle. The Idoneth get a single unit of 10 of both flavors of Namarti and a beefy Allopex to clean up the leftover Dwarf flesh. On the duardin side, the Fyreslayers bring a team of 5 Hearthguard Berserkers, a unit of 5 Auric Hearthguard, and 10 Vulkite Berserkers with your choice of gear. Everything is updated from their old warscrolls, some with buffs, others with minor nerfs, but all still deadly. Since both sides get at least one Battleline piece, this is a great way to figure out HOW you want to play these armies and inform your subsequent purchases.

Extra Goodies

Alongside all the model hotness, the box contains a mini-rulebook, a scenario book, and a token sheet with all manner of starter aides. The mini-rulebook is great for any hobbyist, allowing them to keep the rules handy in a smaller package, and the scenario book shares all the lore for anyone following the stories of the REalms. As for the token sheet, it’s always helpful to have tokens representing the various buffs both these armies can hand out, and the included ruler is handy to chop up and use for coherency or melee measurements. All in all, the extra bits have just as much worth as the included models for newer players, and even veterans will find a use for them.

Will you be snagging the box?


Author: Clint Lienau
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